So a little catching up on the Morph, HOT WHITE, Buzzer, [what ever], for my benefit if not for anyone else. I was snooping through my work as i needed a little info, as to who i really put in the boat, Sam or Steve. I have not found what i was looking for, [unorganized], as i am. But i did find this.

BUZZER                       OCTOBER 29, 2002


May 4, 1998. 10:00 Am. Cleveland and Barb pulled into the driveway of their little piece of land, where he had a small bee farm. It would appear the day was the same as the day before.

There never really was any complaining from him . . .He would just walk around looking at me like i was somebody else . . .Then at one point he was running from me calling me Jesus.

I am not Jesus . . . For now i call myself  HOT WHITE . . .I have come from far away . . .Our Planet has turned to dust . . .I repeat . . .I am not Jesus . . .Our planet has turned to dust . . .We will birth here.

The hot white body was elongated, tapering down to a pointed tail. Long narrow arms hung down forking out three fingers ending with balled tips. The head stood high on a foot long neck, with huge piercing black lemon sized eyes with hot white slits. A hollow black mouth the size of a baseball showed off razor-sharp teeth, six on top, six on the bottom. On the very top of its head two antenna alive with red currents, flowed in two second intervals. They feed while the hot white bodies glow red in the pit of their stomach. They were only two.

With-in a forty-foot diameter, the area had turned to a dark red flashing across the sky. Deafening deathly screeching tore open the day.

Moments later the buzzing of a lone bee flew by.

Little four-year old Sarophia sat way in the back corner, holding her ears tight and still sobbing. She is alone and afraid. She wanted her mother to come back and get her out of the root cellar.  Her mother did not.  Sarophia sat and sobbed herself to sleep.

Outside everything was dead, dried up, not alive. Whips of smoke drew up into the sky. hydro lines were on fire and some were already burned out.

The two hot white were getting stronger growing brighter as they fed. The birthing process had begun.

What a nice piece of info to find . . . 

Odd i should find this and not anything about Sam a

nd Steve.  But maybe this is a good reminder as to what is going on.  What i can remember is Cleveland is teaching Sarophia the dance of the bees and I sent Sam shopping, the strange girl blown in by the wind, is soaking in the pure river water up in the high mountains where Steve and Sam have a place. Steve is dead, Sam does not know this and looks for him still. He will never find Steve, but he will never forget him. Perch and his convoy are dead. Barb is dead, so Cleveland thinks, he had Sarophia help carry her out of the hut and placed her behind the outhouse/shed. There is over one thousand of these HOT WHITE making their way to the city where there will be a greater abundance of humans. High noon is when they feed. The birthing soon to follow. Each entity will shoot forth six new life forms.

Is humanity worth saving?


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