Well here in THEDOGHOUSE we have a computer and a laptop.  e started like everyone else with a computer. Then years later we bought a laptop.

Computers scared me at first as i am not into technical objects, of course this is due to my lack of education in technology. I tend to break things i know nothing about. [I crashed several systems]. And if you ask me how, i will only tell you, [i don’t know].

But then after several warnings from the kids my clicking came to an end, only clicking on/off. Then there was this problem with me DELETING stuff that helped run the computer. . . Mom, stay out of the add and remove. Whatever, i stayed out and found the computer ran really well. That is when i came to Love the computer and gave up writing with a pen and paper. It also made the children happy and enabled me to save money, rather spend it on repairs.


Then out of no where i found myself walking into town to buy a laptop . . .Wow, what was i thinking. I had a perfectly fine working computer . . .But i would see kids with their laptops at schools and found this to be fascinating, i wanted one . . .So there i was, standing in the computer store. Laptops everywhere. So i chose one.

How hard could it be.

The store salesman came over and did his best to try to sell me an ipod or notebook thingy . . .No thanks. [How in the world can i see that], so small, what if i lose it. We all know how easy it is to put something down, then spend time looking for it.  I had no time for that, let me see a laptop, i came to buy one of those.  So i did and the man set everything up that i thought i would need, Plus what ever the laptop came with was on there too. [Oh joy], lots of things for me to play with. He even sold me a laptop case which i never used, and a  stick for storage . . .What? It is still in the unused case.

Well God Almighty . . .If i didn’t have this laptop back to this man on the second day the sky is not blue . . .I broke it. Not really, i let it drain of all power. You have to keep plugging it in. where the computer is always plugged in. So while i tried to fix this laptop i did some clicking and deleting and messed things up.  Lucky me,  the guy was understanding.  He re-fixed everything and gave me a fair warning . . .It is free this time!

Computers verses Laptops

Odd i have not used my computer for five months now, this laptop stays at my side. But today i tell you this using my computer. The mouse quit working on the laptop and i can not get used to tapping with my finger. With the slightest of touches the page is gone or something else happens or what ever . . .I Love my mouse on my computer and hate my finger on my laptop.

Have a great day.



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