Good question . . .Why should you have to go to school.

  1. Education.
  2. Education
  3. Education

School teaches you many many things besides math and spelling and world history. You need to be taught lessons in various topics just to get through life.

SCHOOL IS MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS when you become of age, enabling you to get out in the big world on your own . . .Sure everyone believes they know it all and do not have to go to school . . .Way to go Sherlock.  But unless you are born knowing it all,  you know nothing at all.  Education is the key to all locked doors you may happen upon during your walk through life, whether you like it or not.  Just take a good look around when you walk down the main streets of your city, country or where ever you live. How man people do you come across that live in the streets . . .Do you think that is where they really want to live?   [This may be the wrong thing to sell you education], because should you question some of these street dwellers, you may come across very intelligent people, with all the education in the world. [They just fell on their faces], and sometimes,  when this happens to certain people, these people refuse to want to get out and off the streets. They tend to feel irresponsible as to why they lost everything and are stubborn to the fact that they can get out, but won’t.  They choose to harbour blame, expecting this blame to get them out.

Why should i go to school . . .Why shouldn’t you. You don’t want to go to school because you don’t like the teachers . . .YOU ARE FORGETTING  . . .You are NOT there to LIKE the teachers. The sooner you understand this the sooner you can get educated.

Honest to God

I just came back in from asking four teenagers if they liked school . . .Three of them said no, the one hesitated then said yes. So i asked, why . . .Why don’t you like school?  There you have it . . .They said the TEACHERS!  So i said, you are not there to like the teachers . . .You are there to get an education for when you are out of school.   {But} the one boy said the school-work! That i just said . . .Well just think when you are out of school and have to go to work everyday, what are you going to do then?  He just said, oh yeah.  Then they laughed at me as i started back home, when i turned and said . . .I just wanted to know because i am blogging . . .Oh. was all the one boy said.


Who’s fault is that . . .The child or the teacher.   BOTH. Some teachers are there for the pay check and do not like kids.  Some kids HATE anyone telling them what to do.

Why should i go to school? To like teachers?  NO! To get an education reading you for the work force when you become an adult and need out on your own . . .


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