Ever been close to a bee? Close to hear the buzzing when it’s in flight? How about close enough to hear nothing when the bee is busy collecting nectar, not a sound. Just watching the busy bee at work, only buzzing from flower to flower, then off it flys with the little pockets on its legs full of yellow pollen, which is mixed with nectar. [This is to feed young bees].  They call this bee bread.  Honey is made from the nectar inside the bee’s body.

Adult bees have mouth parts that allow them to suck nectar from flowers.

Some bees can sting you a hundred times and they do not die, you do, if you are allergic.

Some bees sting you and they die.  There happen to be 20,000 species of bees, but they say only 400 of them are social, having colonies like the honeybees.

Some bees do not sting at all, but they crawl into your eyes and ears and nose, even under your cloths. But you do not know this unless you are a bee-harvester. These bees do not sting they BITE. Some bees, leave a sticky chemical substance on your skin,  and it burns.

Male bees have no sting it is the FEMALE with the sting.

The eye of the bee is not like humans . . .They have three eyes and two compound eyes. They see in  shapes of dots, like a mosaic pattern. Bees also see ultraviolet, unlike humans.

They say bees can not see RED . . .They say bees can not HEAR.  BUT,  the bee does smell with its antennae and tastes with its antennae and front legs.

They say some people can not see RED and some people can not hear. But how many people are there that have both of these afflictions, can’t see RED and can not HEAR? I wonder . . .To be deaf and fully blind. OUCH, but this could be a good thing. ?

BEES.  Communicate with each other by way of dance. They say the in the form of the number 8. I like 8, 8 is great.  They do a [round dance], in one direction then back the other way, telling distance. Should the distance be far,  then a new dance comes into play, [the tail-wagging] dance. This is the language of the bee. They can tell each other up, down and how far, even if the food supply is plenty or small, near or far, and believe it or not, BEES are very accurate when giving directions.


Ever see a swarm of bees? Angry buzzing busy bees. Stay out of their way. But not today. They are not after you,  just keep low. If you are out, stay on the ground with your arms wrapped around your head.


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