This question is posted in the Sympatico News . . .

Why are humans born helpless. They go on to show a new-born sleeping baby . . .

I’m thinking like a seed? If you do not put it in the ground and water it and give it sunlight,  it will not grow, it is a helpless seed.

I’m thinking like a NEW BORN KITTEN OR PUPPY? If the mother dog does not eat the sack this helpless thing will suffocate and die.

I’m thinking what of a new-born monkey . . .Should the mother give birth and walk away, will this animal get up and play? No it will die.

Humans are to be nurtured, something to have and to hold.


  1. Humans are not of the animal kingdom.
  2. No other human wants to kill and eat it.
  3. Humans are not born fully developed thus leaving it helpless.

I can not imagine something coming out of a woman and getting up and walking around, giving orders and chewing tobacco. What . . .

Why are humans born helpless? Because we are not animals. Most creatures are born helpless until any strength is fully developed

Besides,  does God not say . . .I give you life, now do what you will with it,  or something there like that.  What is so helpless of a babies cry,  when it hungers.

I guess it all depends what one means when they say helpless . . .Maybe that is what the question means . . .A human that is born blind deaf and dumb . . .Now that is helpless to us at thedoghouse. But as long as you have a voice you are not helpless.


Why are humans born helpless . . .Our brains are not fully developed like some animals that, if, they can not get up and run right away, they are killed or they die on the spot.

This dog is going to go sleep on  this . . .Then chew a bone and wonder.


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