I am the age that i am and my mother is 77.  That she came for a visit i thought i would ask her what she may have thought i would grow up to be. So i said . . .

Mom that you are 77, and i am this, when i was young what did you think i should be?  What i am now?            God,  her answer was . . .NO! NOT THIS!

She thought i would be a singer.  

A singer?  What is wrong with what i am . . .Well you are nothing i expected you to be.

So did i waste my life . . . No she said . . .You just did not do it right. You could have been rich.

But it is crazy to think i was once a little child and she was a young mother and now here she is 77 and counting,  and i much older than her then,  in her shoes now, and it seems strange to me. . .When i turn 77 and my children turn me, i wonder what i will think about their life and what they should be.



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