Sam found these strange markings on his blackboard when he went to checkout his shopping list, he had to go into town for a few things.

Sam's find

What is this strangeness upon this wall . . .Who, what is this girl.

 He could not help,  but,  to take a picture of this on his cell phone. Besides it would help remind him  about all the things he needed in town.

Don’t forget he found this kind of markings on several sheets of paper.

Sam found

Sam thinks this some sort of Greek language. And took a picture of this with his cell phone.

It is a language . . .But not GREEK. Only one person can defer these markings.

But right now school is starting back up . . .Summer is over and all children go to school unless they are babies. Lots of people back to work, people shopping and doing what ever most people do at HIGH NOON outside on any given day in the cities.

In the cities people haven’t got a clue as to what is happening outside their city. Not one of them know there is over 6,000 HOT WHITE coming to FEED and BIRTH. THE GREATER PART OF MANKIND have not been warned of this known 27 day end of humanity. They thought the letter was a hoax, up there with the rulers of our countries. They laughed and joked and made no understanding of the reality being’s were here to turn MOTHER EARTH to RED DUST, calling it their new MARS, as mankind violated their mother earth MARS, dragging these entities back with them. Now they live in amongst us, in us,  and some FIGHT THE MORPH, while some choose to go back home.[but all knowing they can’t], they will take mother earth naming NEW HOME MARS . . .THE RED PLANET.

Mean-while Cleveland is feeling better and Sarophia is calming down getting use to the fact that where she is, is, where she has to stay for a while,  before she gets to go look for her mother. Besides she was kind of forgetting about her mother while she was laying nurse maid to this man. Besides,  she did not want to,  have to, drag him out and put him behind the outhouse. Not all by herself . . .She knew she was to little and he was big and heavy. 

Right now she was swatting at a bee,  that which got in the hut and down under with them. She did not like this bee buzzing around her nose, as it was doing right now. Then she heard him say . . .Hey little girl . . .Don’t go hurting them bees, don’t go acting like a little baby now, just let it be . . .He giggled at her and told her to stop scaring his bees. Then he asked her if seh was hungry that he was and needed to eat and get some strength up and go see in town and let her have a look see for herself,  that her mom was gone like everyone else.  He thought it would be a good thing to get it over with and done. Your mom is gone! You can stay with me and go into the city or you can stay alone. These are the things he will tell her in the best man way he knows. 

That is it for now.


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