Today is a very warm MUGGY day, It is sucking the life right out of us . . .

As the matter of fact,  the last several days,  were too hot, and the heat is dragging us down.    The thing is, the A/C  happens to be,  24 years old,  it finally gave out.  Now we are stuck here with this lady who is going to give birth any day now . . .GOD HELP US ALL!

Fear & Women & Heat . . .Scary thing to be around at times . . .This happens to be one of those times. Locked up with a CRABBY hot prego . . .Have a seat.

Sometimes things go smoothly and sometimes things go SPLAT!

It’s funny because i always liked to stand.   Dad would get up-set and ask. . .ARE YOU STAYING OR GOING?

What . . .


I know that daddy . . .

What i’m saying is, if you are staying,  then get that coat off and sit down on the floor,  or get back out.

My problem now was, he just gave me  choise . . .But while i was trying to process these given choices, he was thinking i was ignoring him.

What’s it gonna be,  or do you need help with that too.

Well no daddy,  i’m still thinking, cause i want to go back outside,  but i want to just watch this,  so i don’t want to take my coat off and sit.

This turned out to be the wrong thing to do . . .[Think], instead of [act].  I should have been wise about it by,  taken my coat off,  sit down,  and finish watching,  what i was watching . . .You get the picture . . .Because now i wasn’t watching anything at all, i was outside,  for mouthing off.

Right now,  i have this FEAR & WOMEN & HEAT phobia thing,  going on. I apparently cause things to happen like . . .

  1. If looks could kill theory
  2. Humble your self unto this birth baring creature theory
  3. Fear into thee eyes of blankness unknowing of what may come next.

Things you just don’t do.

  • Tell them they are getting big . . .As if they don’t know.
  • Never talk about what or how,  they eat. They will eat you.
  • Don’t even think about LAZY.
  • Don’t ever use the word, sit, sitting or rest.

Fear women and heat and  stuff that may happen, when they ask you,  about their weight and want your in-put. Have this fear when you do without thinking,  when you may say things like.

  • The best way to lose any weight, is,  is to have nothing around your middle area cutting you off.
  • You are doing a lot of cutting off,  by sitting.
  • Eat different.
  • Don’t wear,

Pants . . .

  1. Tight underwear
  2. Belts
  3. Skirts 
  4. Sitting . . .[All meaning], Please Think Before She Strikes. 

Sitting is a form of cutting you off. [Unless you are a person of different sorts]. The one’s who know how to sit properly. Where as pregnant women will sit how they are comfortable for long periods of time,  this helps pick up weight,  don’t you know.

Have fear asking her if she wants help when you see she needs help.    Just do it ! [As if you have to ask].   This only pisses her off.  Where if by going over,  nicely taking,  over, she will allow this,  be very happy of it, or she will smile and say no thank-you, it’s all good.

BUT FEAR & WOMEN & HEAT don’t mix no matter what the situation. Stay out of her way until she needs you or stay around her minding your own businss.






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