Some school children and their parents are in bad situations where the family misuses money in a bad way.

Some school children are sent to school with nothing but a DRY BAG OF NOODLES. WHY?

I will tell you why . . .Some parents are home smoking crack and other drugs and drinking and having a blast. WHY?  Why are some parents doing these nasty habit things . . .They are not happy. They are lost in their own little world of, [my parents were no good to me, so].  They are DEPRESSED and can not find any care in them for others including their own children.  SAD . . .And SHAME, shame shame . . .

People wonder about children and ask the same questions as to why they act the way they act . . .You have no idea as to,  how many people,  in this world of ours,  has no clue,  as to why these children grow out of control.  You have no idea, as to how many people put the blame on these children, expecting the children to know better . . .Better than what? Their past-out parents/parent on the couch or floor or still locked in their bedrooms and won’t come out for days?  Who should these school children follow example by?

Some school children and parents need help . . .When i worked at the school, one child was always caught eating out of the garbage. Until i seen with my own eyes . . .This made me cry in my heart and i made sure the child always had left over, un bought food,  from in the cafeteria where i at the time worked.

It hurts how some school children have to live and grow with uncaring parents/parent, because everyone looks at the child and blames them.





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