When mistakes are made in public it can be quite embarrassing.

My mother wanted me to go to the BINGO with her. i did not want to do this . . .I have no LUCK when it comes to making any money, [ but the jack-pot is large ], she said.  She was not going to quit nagging me, so i went.

After the cards were bought and we were seated and settled, the game began. B,4   I, 28  B,7  N,33 and so on . . .The card or cards had to be filled, in order to win the prize.  This prize was 1,000 dollars but . . .Doubled,  as it was double bingo night, so 2,000 dollars would be yours by filling your card.

Each card has 25, numbers on them and the caller calls balls that are shot up into a tube forced by air. This bingo game we were paying had to be won with-in 54 balls.    And my one card was doing fantastic . . .The caller called the 48th, ball and i almost pooped myself as this ball filled a whole in my card and now i was waiting for two spots to be dabbed to win the jack-pot . . .This was to wild for me . . .I don’t win anything, i am a looser!  2,000 ?  Me? Can this be . . .I was crazy excited waiting for O,72 and G, 53. Holy Lord they came . . .Fifty-one balls called and i had BINGO. I could hardly sit in my seat waiting for the caller to call G, 53 so i could yell BINGO!  YES . . .I won . . .Holy cow.

The caller announced G,53, i called BINGO so loud people around me jumped in fright. I was so happy, my mom was so happy for me. People close to me were not happy, they wanted to win.

I sat happy holding up my card, but in-side saying, yes, yes yes.  oh thank-you, thank-you thank-you. I sure could use that 2,000 dollars. Then the floor lady worker came to take my card and call out the number in the middle of the card so the ball-caller could punch the numbers into the machine.  We all waited in anticipation for the caller to announce it was a good card and pay that winner 2,000 dollars.

BUT SHE DID NOT . . .She said is I, 29 on that card?

Public mistakes are so embarrassing. I had dabbed I,29 instead of I,28.  Whatever . . .My mother was happy i went with her and i was humilated with this public mistake.







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