I remember when i was little . . .It was only fifty years ago. And to wait fifty years,  knowing you must,  wait fifty years,  is much greater than fifty years ago. Its a life time,  and life is like that.

Most people can not, wait ten minutes,  let alone fifty years.  But i remember when i was little i had to wait for my dad to get home from work . . .I had to wait in my room, while the seven other siblings played in the livingroom. I could have sworn my mother phoned my dad at work telling him not to come home . . .[ That is what i started thinking ],  cause it was taking forever for my dad to come,  home.   I remember when i was little, i didn’t even know what time was, nor did i know how to tell,  the time. After all i am little and what is time when we are little?

  • Time to go to bed
  • Not enough time to play
  • Three times and you are out
  • It takes dad a long time to get home.

I knew nothing  about  time on the clock nor how to read it,  for that matter. I guess it was never explained to me right. I remember when i was little learning to tell time in school, with a whole lot of other kids, way smarter than i was. But not on the playing field. All i knew,  there was quickness, speed, the fastest. I did not care to learn about time or anything else that did not offer me help in any day-to-day living.

  • Staying out of trouble
  • How not getting lickens
  • what was for supper
  • And anything else that may teach me defence skills.

I had no time for any other silly stuff like spelling, reading, History, Geogrophy, math, printing and learning the A  B  C’s.

I on the other hand had more important things on my mind like sports and singing and art. All that other stuff was and still is a waste of brain space,  I remember when i was little i hated the learning process of telling time on the school clock,  in front of laughing students.

I remember when i was little some of the teachers were bullies and would personally pick on me making all the children laugh. I sat in corners with the dunce hat on, sat with the dunce hat and gum on my nose. Stood on a table while the whole of the class pointed and called me a hill-billy. I remember when i was little . . .They told me to spell the way i pronounce . . .Well if the walk is hillbilly, the talk is hill-billy, the spelling will be hill-billy. I would think,  one would  think . . .Well i thought spell’en was stupid in general when i was little.

I remember when i was little, one pound of sugar cost ten cents.  I remember thinking it was a lot of money for 1- lb. of sugar. That was high-way-robery to me. Never a penny left for candy. I remember when i was little back then . . .I couldn’t read or pronounce. And my mother sent me across the street to buy her kotex. Only i did not know what kotex was, or ever heard the word spoken, until then.  So in order for mother to send me,  was to send  a long a note, reading, KOTEX that i had to read.

knowing i could not talk read and pronounce, mother  found this musing,  sending me on missions for things like, Italian spaghetti sauce,   sausages.  Man i remember when i was little,  i hated to talk to anyone fifty years ago,  i still do. 

Lots of time wasted being laughed at,  no time to care about learning anything but life skills. Just so happens that reading and writing and spelling and all the other stuff like math and where to find treasures,  from 1812,  under the water,  lost by pirates,  or something there like that, should have been more of a concerning to LISTEN & LEARNING IN SCHOOL. Hearing and remembering.

I remember when i was little we learned songs like.

  • We are the girls from the institute
  • Oh Johnny
  • red robin
  • Jesus Loves me
  • They built a ship titanic
  • Tootsie
  • On ward Christian soldier
  • I’m a little acorn brown
  • Everything is beautiful 

I remember when i was little,  fifty years ago, cigarettes were 47cents. I believe the rest of the cost is the tax, because they now cost over 11.00$.   I remember when i was little i never thought about the cost of anything, only maybe the change for candy. Man 20 cents for two cans of soup.  10 cents for a loaf of bread. All of a sudden this all seems real important to me . . .If i wasn’t preoccupied with home and life-sustaining issues,  i could have learned to learn when i was little and become a country runner of the rules and stuff.

But like time,  things pass by us and we don’t even know it is out there. I remember when i was little,  there was a flash in the dark.




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