There she was . . .Little Sarophia, dragging a box,  up the encasements,  this is to enable her to stand on, the top step, on top the box, and open the floor-door.  And she did. There was no adult awake, not even awake for quite a while now. Besides . . .She figured it was time for her to go home and find her mommy. She felt her work here was done. She did what the man told her to do, which was to pump for water and put it on hem until the blood stopped flowing. Sarophia did as she was told and now she was free to go.

Up she went, dragging that box getting closer and more tired . . .Her young muscles and that wooden box, put up a fight forcing her to sit and rest, but not completely . . .She had to hold that box. Sarophia is going home to her mom and this stupid old box is not going to stop her. And she knew once she could each the latch she could open the hatch and get out.

Her mission went on until the very end as she carefully stood steadying herself not to fall, then she pushed up and the door opened up. Now she had to squeeze and climb out. Is she strong enough to pull the weight of her body up?  Then do the jump-off the ole’box trick, without making it fall and taking you with it trick.  She played that game once before, fell,  and split her lip . . .But that did not stop her from practicing, she just made sure no adult was around to stop her . . .Like now.  Sarophia knew she had two good saves on her side now rooting for her,  and only this one time to escape.

  1. The big people were sleeping.
  2. She turns out to be a great jumper, even with almost precise precision.

She readied her stance getting ready for the kick-off, then taking her moment she was up with the flat of the door,  resting on her shoulders and head, leaning on her elbows, hoping not to fall, talking to God,  telling him not to let her fall, cause she has to be as strong as the boys, cause they are mean and always want to hit her.  As it stands now Sarophia is the strongest girl in the playground.  And she needed to be better than Luc.

Sarophia looked silly hanging from the floor-door. Was she going to fall? Was she going to be strong enough to haul her body up and out from under the door? She hung there for maybe thirty seconds going on 40, per say, while she was up there just resting and chatting away . . .She was most concerned with the fact that no body is here to witness this strength of defeat, but her,  self. She was telling God that she had to be as good as Luc, because girls are not to be stronger than boys nor should they act smarter, [or you will never have a real man], or something like that,  that is what her grandmother keeps telling her.  She started kicking the air and using all her upper muscles, to pull her self up and across the thresh hold,  which is holding her captive . . .Yeah, i’d like to see Luc try this . . .She pulled and dragged her self up.  Pulling and wiggling herself over and out from the heavy,  floor-door.

She was sure to be thinking this is heavy and it hurts and she would not like to have to do it again . . .But for Luc she would.  Little Sarophia liked playing with Luc because he was strong and not a cry-baby. And i’m not no cry-baby,  i just want my mommy . . .She pulled hard with her arms and pulled, with her getting sore,  body and got her leg up onto the upstairs floor.  Now she needed to scramble out as fast as she could so the door does not slam, trap, down,  on any of her feet, not even her toe.

Cleveland Rupert woke up in time,  to see,  what he thought he was seeing? He is thinking if he is really seeing,  what he thinks,  he is seeing,  or if he is thinking he is seeing things.  Because right now he sees Sarophia’s right leg and foot hanging from the ceiling.  A trial test would be good right about now . . .The little girl should be over by the pump, pumping water. It was a little fuzzy, but Cleveland could see she was not .He quickly shot his attention back to where he thought he saw part of her. Nothing was there . . .She made it and was picking her self up off the floor,  when the door on the floor shut tight behind her, and making her way to the door of the hut.

By the time Mr. Rupert stood up on the main floor Sarophia was sitting up against the back wall and the door wide open. Ouch. was all she said when her head hit the wall. So running out on me are you . . .Then he said sternly . . .Hey little girl. Then he smiled. Did you even finish what i asked you to do?  Get on now and shut that door before you let all the bugs in. Then he rolled his eyes at her.  Your letting all the wind in. he smiled and gave a chuckle,  telling her girls don’t know nothing . . .Look at Barb . . .I told her not to come but she wanted to pick flowers. Now look at her,  does she look like she is picking flower to you? Go on, hurry-up and shut that door before you scare the bees away.  She looked from him to the door and said okay . . .He caught her intrest for a while and they talked . . .

And my name is not little girl . . .What is  it then. I all ready told you. Well spell it for me then. My name is Sarophia. Yeah, now,  spell it . . .He smiled down at her with his hand on his hip, like he was holding himself up.  Little girls don’t know how to spell. He laughed . She gave him a sour face and said. My mommy showed me how,   S  A  R  O  P  H  I  A. She gave another sour face and waited for him to be happy for her. other people were. But not Cleveland . . .He just looked at her and said. My friends call me Cleve, you can call me Cleve.  Sarophia squinted one eye at the man and said . . .I’m not your friend, i don’t know you, and mommy said not to talk to people who are not your friends. Mommy said . . .He interrupted her by mocking her . . .Mommy said mommy said, see your just a little girl. Then he tossed back his head in laughter. Mommy said . . .He cut her off again telling her she was indeed a little girl and little girls are good for nothing, cause they can’t learn fast like a boy.

This of course made Sarophia angry. She thought she was fast at everything and even as fast as Luc. So she told Mr. Rupert so. So . . .You think you are big enough to help me carry Barb up the stairs? Can’t she walk? No, and she has to go out to the tool shed . . .Hurry-up . . .can’t you think fast like a boy? You want me to carry Barb up all the stairs?  I don’t think you can . . .Girls can’t do anything.   Oh yes i can.  Sarophia stood for her honour. I can carry her forever.  Cleveland chuckled . . .For ever,  little girl? forever is something  you and i will never see. Now can you carry Barbs feet up the steps or not, and don’t give me that talk back.

They did. This may have taken a bit of time,  but they got her out of the bee-hut,  and laid her to rest behind the tool shed as her body had become flakey.

While the pair of them stood outside away from the shed Sarophia asked if it was okay if they went,  to find her mommy now. She ducked then swatted at a few bees swarming around her coming in a little to close for her liking.   But he just told her not to harm them and then told her he had,  too much on my mind and needed her help just a little more.  That Mommy is fine,  and they will go look for her later. Do you think you are strong enough to help me inside and show me how you worked the pump. I bet you couldn’t do it. Oh yes i did, i pumped it for ever while you were sleeping.

Cleveland had only enough strength to lock the both doors in a fashion She would not figure out. Locks and keys, then he became to drowsy.




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