Hi blah-blah.

Oh yeah hi. . .

Oh yeah hi.

How are you today.

Fine . . .Depressed as hell,  but i’m okay. How are you.

Oh good.

All good?

No, no.

Oh I thought you said all good.

I thought you said . . .

No, no i said oh good.

So you’re not good.



Time lapse of course as none of them want to talk about each others problems. Because they have their own, problems. And when people can not, fix,  their, problems, to hear, you talk about your troubles is way to much for them to try to process. 

Nice day.

yeah rain would be nice.


We need rain.

Yeah that would be nice.

Well i better go before they start paving across the drive-way, or i will never get out of here.

Well you could just stay and wait for them to be finished and write your name in the asphalt.

Of course laughing.

I’m just saying.

Yeah, yeah, no i got to get home.

Sure go home and sit all a lone.

No i got work to do.

Oh . . .On what?

The house or i will never sell it.

Buy a house that you don’t have to work on.

That is what i am working on.

Okay then, have a nice day.

Yeah see you later.

Yeah you too a nice day.

When people have problems it causes problems like,

  •  Ending up alone
  • having no time
  • Lack of communication.
  1. Problems can be solved if they are talked about.
  2. And if not solved, at least put at ease. 
  3. [At least this gives you time to fix other problems]
  4. But only if you act upon the opportunity, given by getting rid of 1, problem].

Problems and causes create depressions of various styles, but they all keep you locked up inside of yourself, a place where you do not want to be, but are.

How to get out of yourself . . .Good question . . .How does one get out of themselves?

Who am i anyway, what would i be doing if i had no problems.

Wait a minute . . .Once you are out who are you? Or at least what are you to be?

{Now this,  is,  a problem,  and it causes},  a whole amount,  of thinking time, enabling the understanding of just who one would be if they stepped outside of themselves.

 Problems and causes.


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