I killed two mating moths today, it seems to be bothering me that i did indeed kill something.  Life is life and who am i to snuff it out, no matter it’s life-form, all things are here on Earth for a reason whether we like it or not.

I killed two mating moths. Can you just imagine all those eggs in or around your house. It is bad enough that almost everything you touch out side, a moth flutters out at you. More like attacks! And at night,  hundreds of moths, swarm at any light shining. And in the morning when a window is opened, all the moths at somehow got through the screaning charge out at you. [Shut the window]!

I killed two moths today,  and it makes me wonder if i destroyed an insect,  that lives on micro-atoms of harmful entities, that can kill us? 

What if these two copulating moths, [ which actually looked like three, not saying what i think  i saw], what if i allowed life and out of it came an epidemic! A Moth infested epidemic plague  set upon mankind.  Or THEDOGHOUSE . . .Frig that shit . . .It’s bad enough all the flies,  coming in for the dog-crap!

We had an episode of a MOTH EPIDEMIC . . .They were everywhere in THEDOGHOUSE! Hordes and scores of them . . .You could not eat any bag or boxed food, without finding hundreds of eggs and one or two dead moths, [which probably suffocated], in the package. The bountiful amount of food, that was put in the trash,  was indescribable.  THEDOGHOUSE never wants,  to go,  through that again . . .I killed two mating moths today. But tht was the killer in me. After all,  i am just a dog.




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