The phone rings . . .Hello.

Hi this is Ann from political opinions.

We hang up . . .We have no political opinions, we are not allowed too. Or we can not afford to have any.  There are no doubts,  in our minds, that we should have listened,  to Ann. But we are sure,  she will call again, as she has done so all ready.

Political opinions can cause much trouble so we tend to keep these thoughts privet.

POLITICAL OPINIONS, come from the rich, it is they who can afford to say. They can buy their way out of situations their mouths get them in. politically speaking of course.

For all THEDOGHOUSE knows,  they are waiting down the street, one lethal slip,  they may move,  but won’t catch us, landing us on the ground with smashed faces.

So we don’t like our imports and exports,  but we do not have the resources to change anything, nor have the back-up insuring freedom of speech. And jail time is no time we want anything to do with.

Hi this is Ann from political opinions,.    That’s nice,  keep them to yourself.




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