Okay, so you want my stuff at no cost . . .No fee  shall be asked for of thee.  But hear,  let me reach,  this, [oh pain], and let me reach this, [ouch the pain], my heart and soul.

I only ask,  you use my name,  BY SANYAVERO & THEDOGHOUSE don’t for get PICTURE THIS<< After all,  i [write], these things or you. I rite some wrongs, type some songs to do my best to entertain you. Out of faith and out of trust take what you need take what you want . . .But rite the name all the same if it’s okay with you.

BY SANYAVERO & THEDOGHOUSE & Picture this, no-names .org.

So you want my stuff . . .And i want you to be my readers.

You want my stuff then say where you took it from and we will be both happy.

You want my stuff and i want your recognition saying it is my stuff.

You can have my stuff until i tell you, you can not have it . . .Namely by MR. S. STAINES. This stuff is not yours to have nor to hold.

THE END                                                          AND THEN . . .

You can have my stuff like this . . .

There once was a girl with red soft curls and she pooped in the alley, then put it in cookies. She offered it to siblings and their friends, then laughed and laughed and laughed as each bit in, chewing and swallowing then spitting and then.



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