Today there was no time given for any pleasure, relinquishing in the welcomed cool waters,  running,  clean river water, washing, the dry  flaky scale off her now lizard like skin. She was interrupted by a crazy wind storm . . .She knew anything small would be carried in by the wind. She knew Hot White would be blown in. She knew these small entities would flitter and flutter in the great magnitudes of traveling air.  She knew for sure she had to get out of the wind. She did not what to take on another Hot White.

Her lizard like body,  lay resting,  soaking in the cool river waters, feeling the suppleness,  in her new flesh,  as it drank in the much, needed, liquid.   She felt relief wash over her,  like a blanket protecting her from the sun.   Like a blanket,  you humans cover your neck with, so  vampires, don’t bite you. . .This new blanket of water protected her from the sun, as does kill vampires, but not us . . .We dry,  back to star and  into the night. She did not want to change back, to light,  she wanted life, in the same human form she lost over night  when she was forced to morph. She vaguely remembers the three drunks,  doing their best to rape her.  Of course,  the fight got a little out of hand with her . . . You know,  she did rip all three of the drunks to pieces and drank in the blood for extra nourishment, which would give her strength, finding for any river. Why should she die,  was,  and is,  the only excuse she would have for any deaths caused by her.   As for now! Another force or choise or THE LAST MORPH, was raving it way towards her. She needed to get out of the water and  out of the wind as not to have hot white blown at her, breathing in its life force. She knew her one fair chance would be in the bushes, so like a flash,  it rolled over onto all fours and darted off into the thick brush. It’s long neck hung down and out,  mid-waste guiding,  two hind legs with the forepaws scratching the ground as it skurried for any inclosure it could find. Bugoid

Carried in by the wind would mean more of them/her. But this creature she was now still has a craving,  for living amongst mankind, and the human family left behind.   And right now she has a chance not, to morph back into one of your shiny stars just to soak in the river water. . .She was grateful making it to pure river water,  hoping others like her,  made it as well.  It relished in the cool wetness for the last few hours,  when  it gave rise, to a fresh smell,  coming in the wind, racing in powerful sweeps across the land. it ran leaving the elixirs of the river’s pure waters.   Time had passed as it took cover in the brush, and still no sanctuary in sight, she needed to be closer to the edge of the open air, risking all,  for the sake of seeing shelter.

That is where it/she,  saw some sort of shack, being used as a cottage. It was a cottage, only what would she know at this point, but the guy standing in the wind looking like he liked the feel of it blowing strongly over him, knew full well this is,  his cottage. But knew nothing of her/it, as he noticed the space closing between them . . .Lunch for it/her, not for him, lunch anyone.

For all he knew this thing was being carried in by the wind right at him, as it was coming in fast like the wind and in the wind. Lunch in the wind did not seem good to him right now and he darted to the safety of the cottage door. So did it. But he did not know that. How could he? Who anyone,  seeing something like, a man-sized,  running lizard, up-on two legs,  creature thing, coming in your direction,  is only coming for safety. Who even has time to think when they see anything like that in the first place?  He did.

He stopped, picked up a fair-sized piece of lumber and got ready to swing. But before he could even ready his stance she/it slapped him out-of-the-way, knocking him a good ten feet off to the side, getting into the house making its way to the cool dark dank basement, wedging itself,  in behind the water tank. There she would sleep until night where choices would be made once again . . .should the man wake up with just a headache, thinking he must have hit his head having had a  nightmare, as he is still alive and there is no,  what ever he thinks he may have thought,  he saw, if he thinks of it at all. He lay there unconscious for twenty minutes or so before he came to rubbing his elbow, straightening his back and getting to his feet. “What the hell?” He went inside locking the door.

There happened to be several people out on this windy day , breathing in,  what was carried in by the wind. Of course, only the healthiest bodies would be possessed, allowing these entities to live as you,  as you would exist no more. Should the body not be kept damp, the first morphing begins, killing innocent people,  five in a row,  taking the eyes last,  as they lie watching while they are being eaten alive of all healthy reproductive organs allowing the final morph back to hot white, where you all die. All Mankind Gone from the face of the Earth. Nothing to stop us from exulting in you all,  leaving red dust and no life form,  calling this, our Planet earth,  home.

Final Morph

Nothing will stop us.

The air was quite outside now, hours had passed, as it was still daytime,  it was still sleeping down in the dankness as he rested up in his living-room, taking care of his head, having a bite to eat, cleaning the dirt out of his elbow and running a bath. If anything should have been carried in by the wind, we will all know with-in good time. But not good enough time to save us.

Meanwhile Cleveland is in rough shape, Sarophia is doing her best to wake Barb and all is well with the bees. As the matter of fact, nectar is being collected, pollen is being spread far and wide and entities are entering Human bodies by way of breathing in the mouth or nose or blown into the ear cavity carried in by the wind.


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