Twenty-twelve July 21/1:30, the small child picked up a hand-full of un frozen freezes. You say . . .

Put it back or you are going to bed . . .The child is busy glaring at this found treasure.  But then you grab the fragile arm and yell.

I said it three-times and that is it . . .Come on you are going to bed. I don’t care if you are only two, i said it three times and you have to learn. Of course the kid is protesting.

Then you yell, you don’t listen to me, why don’t you listen to me . . .

You forget that you already answered that question yourself . . .

You yell at that two-year old child,  that they, [DON’T] listen,  to you, there for,  in their learning young brain,  you continue to tell them,  not, to listen,  to you.

So,  your even more,  wrong way,  to approach this matter,  by now yelling at your child,  why don’t you listen to me,  is not something you should be asking a child of two. It should be a question you ask of,  yourself.

Don’t worry little ones grama is here.

Try leaving out YOU DON’T, and say,  [listen to me], or [do what you are told] . . .But this must be used as a habit, like finger and nail.

Maybe next time walk over to your baby and kindly take the freezes and ask if they would like one that is ready. How simple for both of you.

Why are  you even YELLING at a two-year-old?


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