Hello there, is what some people have to say. But at the same time,  these people want not to say anything more.

Hello there, just in passing is pleasant enough for some.

Hello there, just a hi back and nothing more is needed.

Hello there,  to you and hello there,  to you, well hello,  hello,  someone may say.

So we nod or hello back or smile and be on our way.

Hello there, mighty fine day, just in passing one may say.

Hello there back, yes, yes indeed,  a mighty fine day one would say and be on their way. No time to talk no time to spare, just in passing, hello there.

Hello there, some people would say, not hi how are you this fine day.

Some people don’t want to talk about their day or know anything  about your day. Some people may say not hi how are you, but hello there, happy day to you. Now be off, off on your way with your happy day but hello there, for another day.



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