River water. What is river water to most people . . .[Run offs], of other water, which of course rivers are, run off, of other waters . . .But to what certain degree do we call that river clean pure water? In Twenty-twelve this would be hard to come by . . .Ness-pa? It is necessary at this very point in time, that,  clean clear river water, be found, and fast.

To be able to find this river water when you are standing , [per-say,  in the middle, of a city as large as, Chicago], and your life depends on whether or not,  you get to a river of pure water. Slim!

After the attack last night causing her to morph into this lizard like entity, water is now needed to keep this new vessel wet.

But as far as Morphing goes, you do,  what you must do,  to hold you by. Why should we suffer and die . . .It was you who invaded our Mars where everything was perfect, unflawed, pure, providing light in your night, brilliant white bright to light your path. This is a choice not asked for, it is a given from your lord, our Lord,  God,  Our Father in the Heaven. We all have a place in life-as -stars-we are a blessing unto you. We are of The Lord, your God Father‘s, let their be light, command. We are HOT WHITE . . .Radiance of the Lord. No human eyes have ever looked into the eyes of the Lord, should they perish. COME HUMBLE UNTO THE LORD ASK WHAT YOU WILL/The eyes are taken last. River water was needed now!

This forced morph placed upon her by the three drunk stupid men, left her standing in pools of blood and dead bodies. She would lap at this liquid nourishment, getting her by until water is found or feed again, only, this time,  on the selected. This of course only happens if the choise is not ours to make, to kill to survive.  To us,  this only means more kills in the night,  until all five is exact right, one kill per night. No flaws . . .Pure white eyes and clean organs,  of all kill, after an other, until all five times,  the kill was of the un-sick.

But knowing and needing,  are two different things in  life, causing greed and want, at no cost,  to an other’s life, as we are forced to take a life where you, like,  to take a life.

Pain generated throughout her new form, as changes continued t take place . . .With out this water soon she would morph this night into Hot white.

Right now,  she had love  on her side still, she happened to be living in Quebec where many mountains lie. Where there is a mountain running waters can be found. Now she just need to be able to make sure she can get to these mountains before morning. Hopefully with out no more interruptions like the night before. She made her choise and it was to stay on EARTH.

This family gave her much more than a shiny light at night. They gave her Love and it was well felt , she wanted to stay she did not need to stay, that,  is the difference. This want may be strong enough to bring her back to humanity, fighting the morph to stay.

River water . . .it could smell the river water, it was close . . .By the smell of it was acceptable. Only one thing. She may have to make another kill. Rather say . . .Forced to kill again was now between her and the clean running waters. A party of wild campers, were still awake and messing around, for sure one of them would see it and panic. This would be a bad thing or them and for her. Why for them? Surely they would have to die . . .as for it, any hope of return would be forever lost, causing her to Final morph. And right now, if it can get to the river unharmed, it could morph back to human form once again, maybe for ever more.    It waited in the brush making not a sound, but of heavy pants of air, in intervals of minutes apart. The pain causing molecules, were changing inside her, it hurt greatly,  as the inner life core,  was in the process of drying up and shriveling down.

Someone to close could hear this panting and became suspicious of this sound, they went to find the cause,  stealthily on their own. This was a human teenaged girl. Ever pure indeed . . .it could smell the goodness of the life force emanating out of it. Now it wanted to see this young human’s eyes . . .

The smell of pure river water is a smell of freshness, the aroma is heavy and causes you to want to be in its cool wet moistness. Feeding into every pore, supple with liquids of new antibodies of H2-O. Regenerating cells, giving life.

It could now see the girl,  standing with-in reach, and waited just seconds, before this life froze without a sound, then it dragged on its way, climbing high up to the cool clean waters, knowing the battle would not be worth the killing.

The river water felt good.


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