Lessons are understandings of anything you did not know, before,  you came into the understanding and indeed understand, calling it a learned lesson.

Somewhat, like when you say . . .I hope you learned a lesson, instead of saying something dumb like, good observation.  {If you are a person who does say things to that caliber],  then you have not LEARNED how to speak without condoning. BULLY stuff.

What to understand hear, is there is a nice productive way to communicate with each other and there is a MEAN way.  [To say this instead of ] . . .Well don’t make me one,  cause i don’t want one, and as the matter of fact i don’t even like it. So make it if you will, just don’t expect me to have it . . .[What kind of way is that to talk to anybody].

Hear is what they have just, learned, from you. . .

  • Ignorance
  • Meanness
  • Non-Exceptance
  • Inconsiderate

considering, the fact,  that this offering was in process, so you should have said . . .Well i’d like to thank-you for that . . .But, i don’t care for them, tell you what thought,  if you would like to finish what you started, my friend,  would like one and would be very happy of it.

What did we LEARN  from this type of communication.

  • Caring
  • Kindness
  • Concernment
  • pleasantries
  • curtness


People react to what was said to them,  and how,  it was said. . [ Not necessary what is said]. Because you can say,  almost  anything to anyone if,  you say it properly. Go ask your dog, then yell at your do . . .That is a learning lesson on how to strike up a conversation with anyone. As you can see the dog is happy at anything you say as long as you do not yell. This goes for people too.

I thought i learned a lesson but i guess i did not, if, i think about it.

I thought i learned a LESSON but i did not. Turns out,  there are to many LESSONS in life,  that i know not of . . .Especially the lesson about eating lots of bread and drinking coffee and sitting all day makes me gain fat and be lazy. But somehow i keep skipping this fact,  while i stuff my face, drink coffee and sit and type all day. These extra pounds could feed skinny-minny for a year or two.

One would think after the first three times of melting fat away  and toning the skin, one would have learned how each and every time it was harder to do and took many long months. I’m LAZY now to the act i must start working out.

Lessons today ahead tomorrow further in life you will know.





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