Sometimes we reach a point in our lives and come to an understanding about what we are wasting our time on, after years of fighting to stay our battle rather to face it.

To come to this observation, knowing you just realized how you were living in your life, something there like that. {One could say},  Oh my God . . .I have been putting all my living days,  directed at you, not living in any other way . . .I have ignored life wasting precious time and years trying to figure out a way to get you to keep me, all the while you like me,  you do not,  want my stay.

WHY? Why do we waste time,  on or in LOVE,  when it is only a one way street!  Oh wait a minute . . .You know,  it is a one-way street,  as you know,  they do not have the same feelings for you,  as you, do for them. You both know it.

The problem is,  time is being wasted,  and you have no time for anything else,  is your proof right there. Why we, certain wondering-people,  waste this time,  is because,  we are consumed in time,  where we fear our time is running out, to have that Love or what ever we believe we need.

Sometimes when we hit the nail on the head, just in thinking other thoughts of the person you Love and their thoughts on the matter, telling you it can’t happen, that category containing all the unconformities come together . . .POW! . . .You are hit with the thought, what the hell am i doing . . .How long have i been wasting my time and theirs for that matter. What was i thinking . . .

  • Have a life together?
  • You ignore me . . .
  • Why do i want to live with someone who has no time for me . .
  • Holy cow . . .
  • What is wrong with me and how come no one wants to keep me?

I am wasting all my time wanting to be Loved and kept by someone,  who has no time for me,  still,  for the second time around . . .I need help i have issues that must be dealt with by a professional head shrink . . .Now that will be time well spent, learning to understand yourself and others.

What about all the time wasted in your,  living life days,  on strange things, where, to other people, these strange things,  are nothing,  at all to deal with.  LUCKY them . . .

It is very HEALTHY to not to WORRY. Worry,  keeps you in a sick place in your mind, this place can kill you, it is called DEPRESSION . . .Depression is so very pleased you came to visit once again, but most happy, that,  this time,  you stayed for a few years while this depression feed,  off you,  staying alive.

Time,  is of the given gift of life, we, and only ourselves, need to learn how to use it, not let it slide by without a thought in a wind storm . . .We probably,  really,  aren’t listening anyway, to busy with depression chatting away it’s sad song of why and why nots.

It is time we learn depression hides it’s self well. May very well be hiding in your best friend or anyone one you know, your mom, dad, sibling . . .Depression can look you straight in the eyes and you can not see it.



Time gives us plenty of time,  to get things done and move on to something else, anything else,  for that matter, rather,  harbour in seas of sadness, doing nothing, beside,  getting though each day,  wanting for a Love you know you can,  not,  have.

Spend time, moving away from situations, you don’t,  belong in, and don’t tell me you do not know . . .Because you do know and only you and,  who ever else is with you. You know if you belong . . .You just do not want to accept this knowing, moving forward and on your way. But i have trouble with that too at times,  so i know these things and wasting,  of the time, every time i turn around time is gone, but i am still here.

During this time you will wonder, what is wrong with you, me, us. But actually the only answer to,  what,  is wrong with you, is,  you waste time on things,  unsettled in your mind, or you won’t take no for an answer, creating, webbing,  strings,  to float in your thoughts, giving cause, to waste time, to weave your mind. We are of the depressed people.

But all things,  in time,  come to an end one way or another, but not all things. The elements will always remain,  gaining,  life form no matter how much time it takes.


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