Hey man i ran into Lisa man

Awe hey how she doing man

Man she was up-set man she played a joke on her old lady man

Man she must like to die man, cause her old lady is a bad-ass man

I know that man, Lisa’s old lady tried to hit me with the base-ball bat man

Man you deserved it man you broke her lipstick writing on Lisa’s mirror man

Man don’t remind me man she didn’t miss me with the baseball man, my head hurt for a week man.

Man just tell me about lisa man, i can’t be late for my test man

Awe man you have to take a test man, man your going to fail man

If i don’t pass this test man my old lady will kill me man, she stayed up until 12:00 helping me man. man i don’t even remember what the test was about man

How come man

I don’t know man, i must have put all my mind on remembering what she told me not to forget man.

What was that man

She would kick my ass and not let me out for a week if i didn’t pass the test man.

Good remembering man

Yeah man but that is all i remember

Man you should have paid attention cause your ass is grass man.

Hurry up man i ain’t got all day

Hurry up and what man

Tell me about Lisa man

What about her man

She got in trouble with her old lady man

Wow  man,  that sucks, what did she do man

Man your supposed to tell me man, man your making me late

Late for what man

Man are you finished rolling that joint man

What were we talk about that man

Rolling a joint man relax

Man we were talking about Lisa man

Wow man what did she do man

Man i think i better roll the joint man

 Wow man good idea man i don’t think i can stand straight. Man did you hear about Lisa man . . .Her old lady is pissed man. 

Man . . .I’ve been waiting for you to tell me man

Tell you what man

About Lisa man

What about Lisa man

Man your too f’ed up man




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