BLAME:  A justification put on anyone.

  • To place a wrong doing.
  • To hide from the truth.
  • To lie.
  • Cause harm to others.
  • To take action on harmful jokes.

Who is to blame when things go wrong around you. YOU ? and WHO!

But who takes or gets the blame is an all together different thing. Because you now have two possibilities.


Sure, lots of times the blame has been place on the true end of the stick, right where it belongs.  Where as placing the blame out of lies, out numbers,  the truth,  by far.  WE ARE A BLAMING NATION. LEAVE THE TRUTH TO LIE.

I blame you, you blame her, she blames him, and it goes on and on, spinning webs of who do we put the blame on.

BLAME is to search, for ways to escape unfaceable wrongs.  So, you start a web, it spins its lies into road-ways of hidden paths to get you out.

Who do we put the blame on if not you if not me. Who caused the heart ache in the first place. Who started the blame,  starting the blame game, why do we blame.

Blame has no feelings,  where as, to be blamed,  can get you kill. That hurts just thinking about it. Blamed for something you did not do and paying with you life. BLAME NOT AND YEA SHALL NOT BE BLAMED ONE DAY WHO TO COMPLAIN. YOU?

AWE you still look mad . . .Why are you mad? You the blamer have no right to be mad. Should you expect any rights, after the rights you expelled onto the blame . . .You have problems and should see a DOCTOR. At the DOCTORS you should ask about BULLIES, and find out you are indeed a bully. Bullies tend to find and place plenty of blames, with their flashy eyes, looking for a simple victim you can string along. Which brings to mind a boy called Victor, i no not his last name,  i hold the picture from school days back in my mind and with this memory,  and his name,  i see his face in a crowd in my thoughts of days back then. It was Victor. He did it for me. Made me laugh that is. Funny looking face on the kid if you ask me. I didn’t know if he was of a different culture apart from myself  or what . . .I sort of always saw him as a kid, Frankenstein, only Italian looking. Victims of lies, caught in the webs strung out.

Who do we put the blame on, would it be you,  would it be me, or would it be the truth here it should be, would be if rights were told.


The truth hurts at times,  which cause some, people,  to find blame,  when things get out of hand or,  were not funny at the time,  or what ever  cause,  the moment, of needing to place blame.


HEAVY!   For a long time until you displace the blame you caused , and having hunger for more, at this point, you have no feeling of shame and can and will blame anything and anyone, having your fun.

The blamer the blame who do we put the blame on . . .Is it me,   is it you?  Is it the whole truth,  outside the web.

Who do we put the blame on, You! If anything goes wrong with this written writing i’m blaming you.

BLAME   nasty thing.

 You blame me,  i blame you,  we blame each other cause it’s what we do, take high-ways of escape rather face the turth, spinning the web of no way out.

Okay, okay, no more blaming. . .But it was you.



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