THE HUNTING PART

The hunting party is given by a hunter and his hunter pals, friends, associates or something there like that, people who hunt wild game and eat every bit of  it.  This does not mean it is a party, though they do have parties and or give them.  This particular hunting party, was a gathering of the different clans,  to celebrate a birth.  One of the hunters had a Birthday.

The Hunters at Rest 1871

The Hunters at Rest 1871 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By receiving an invite i can tell of this tale, and it’s wonders and delights and hope,  you can,  enjoy too, using your envisioned mind illusions and humor. That of which,  some of the things were horrible, to me . . .Of course,  me,  being that what i am, [weird],  a few things were not right. But over all it was a pleasure to be there. Thank-you.

undeniable,  i arrived first. I was proud of this as i had to travel far. When i stepped inside, i was taken aback by the whole lay out of the HALL. WOW Impressive decor surrounded the room, even with BALLOONS, on every table. They were fitted into,  turned up-side down,  hunting caps, looking like hunting baskets. And the balloons sat in amongst long FEATHERS from a Partridge, and seeded weeds and it looked amusing to the eye.  The balloons were in colors of, camouflage as were the table cloths. Everything was, Orange, Green and Brown. Even the Birthday boy was in his fatigues. It all looked cool right down to the graffiti and art, to the candle holders,  on each table. They were glass jars, fill with bullet casings and sand, to rest the tea-light candle. This amused me, after the initial shock of realizing what i was looking at. Bullet casings and sand as a base to hold candles.  Well i never . . .

The art of the place was indeed rubber PARTRIDGES. One of these Large birds had two heads. This a joke,  of course,  portraying one of a   {HUNTER STORY}, one that to which,  is of large fairy tale types. But in deed,  it was again to muse at. Surround these party favors were,  used,  TARGET PRACTISE  papers,  standing on three-foot pegs, or taped to the wall. And yes, GUNS AND BOW-AND- ARROWS, were placed in full view. BUT THEY WERE TOYS . . .I found this to be funny, cute, nice, along with the one large bag of feed. This feed was probable to portray how they catch these Partridge and four-legged animals.

 The BIRTHDAY CAKE it’s self,  was fun to look at. They made it large and round, giving the face of it, that of a TARGET, a BULLS-EYE, with a HUNTING ARROW drove down into the center, of the smallest ring on the cake.  The colors were even that of orange, green and brown. COOL. And yes, the cake was yummy. As was the food!  When we FINALLY got to have any. 

You see a HUNTING PARTY,  is the telling,  of stories. LOTS OF STORIES.   Can we EAT YET!  Was my story. I want cake! Please!  Oh, wait a minute . . .One more story. Then can we have cake? No! NO? NO! We had to eat once again.  MEAT. . .

Hunting Party at Norderhamn beach near the Cav...

Hunting Party at Norderhamn beach near the Cave of Stora Förvar, Stora Karlsö, Gotland, Sweden (Photo credit: Swedish National Heritage Board)

Hunting parties are about meat. So whether the MEAT was oven cooked, B-B-Q, fried or turned into sausage,  of some sort, you had plenty of meat to choose from or have the offering of all the meats offered.  What were the meats?   venison, Moose, Wild turkey and Beef. The dressing were that of, Potato salad, maccaroni salad with TUNA. Colwslaw with apples and raisins, Real bake Beans with Pork, Buns, Baby Carrots, Plum tomatoes, Fresh White Mushrooms and Thinly Sliced Celery Sticks.  Sure,  they had a large platter of FRUIT. But it went with the cake!.   But you know how it is . . .Stories had to be told. And we had to listen.

Quite frankly . . .I don’t think i could repeat any of the stories as i would get them wrong. The way i figure it,  i went to see certain people and DANCE.  There was no dancing at this Hunting Party. There was no music of any kind, but only for minutes. It was turned off by a child. The music was taken away,  but not the stories!

This turning of the music off,  was MEAN and HURT FULL towards the 77, year old,  woman,  who had put it on. This woman was an AUNT who had traveled far for this gathering, she thought she would share her joy to her elderly siblings, that which, who would enjoy this EDDY COFFY music.  This 77 year,  aged lady,  was so happy telling them what she had and knew they would love this accordion playing sound, as the Birthday boy,  once played this instrument.

I can tell you,  the sound of everyone,  chatting,  as the Hall filled with more people, was quite loud! The loudness of the music  was small in compare, but it did drift,  through the rowdiness of the crowd and could be heard enough for the old woman and siblings sitting feet from the music player, anyone,  a few feet further, was out of ears shot. So,  who, had the COURAGE,  enough to put a stop to this type of music . . .A CHILD! I guess the music should have been that of JUSTIN BEBBER. WHO?

The old lady was up-set and embarrassed,  that no adult,  cared a child, put an end to any music. WHO was this CHILD. The old lady did not know. She retrieved her CD and sat huffing for Long,  minutes. I of course mind my own business thinking how RUDE. VERY IN considerate and mean. This music as i said was not loud or over bearing in any way. But it was no Justin Bebber it was Eddy Coffy

The Hunting Party was not about gifts but that of offerings of cash money. This cash money is taken and used for VERY ILL CHILDREN. To help pay for treatment of surgeries . . .What a kind thing to do by these hunters. This boggled my thoughts for a while. As Hunters Kill!

I was surprised to witness all who crossed over into this thresh hold, of HUNTERS,  did indeed place an ENVELOPE in a basket. Whether these envelopes contained money or not is not, known by me.

TIME FOR THE FOOD . . .I can tell you the moose was fantastic, the wild turkey is not for me, the Beef was cut way to thick,  and the venison taste like pee.  Which means when they cut up the deer they cut into the piss-bag. Yuck.

Partridge in a pear tree!

Partridge in a pear tree! (Photo credit: wallygrom)

When the meal was over and time for the cake i could not wait to stand in line to have my piece. But again . . .NO CAKE! MORE STORIES! Then we were told before the cake, we had to eat the special of the evening, BREADED PARTRIDGE. As much as i wanted cake and i did wait long enough . . .The breaded Partridge was FANTASTIC! More please . . . Awe finally. The cake, it was served with the fruit. And the stories came to an end. My first Hunting party.


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