What are rules. Why do we have rules. Who makes rules. When do rules apply. Where is the best place to use rules.

Rules apply for conduct. How you conduct yourself through life. Rules are a guide line to live by. Without these rules life would not be as you know it. Life would be dangerous like way back before your parents were born. Life back then,  was,  to do as you like, even if it ment killing anyone for an apple or a drink of water or a piece of paper to wipe your bum. You were able to do as you wanted and no one could stop you unless they killed you. If you wanted something you could take it no matter who it belonged to. NOT TODAY. Rules apply.

English: we don't like to make rules but...

English: we don’t like to make rules but… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do we have rules . . .If you read up-top, that is why. So you can not do what you want and have what you want by killing and taking. For all any of us now, living, people,  know . . .We would not be here today if there were no  RULES. Maybe back then,  a BIG BULLY wanted something your grand-parents had and  killed them for it. We need rules don’t we.

Who made these rules. A group of kind-hearted people. Or just one man who loved and lost his love over a taking of something that was not to be taken.  People with POWER. People who were not afraid of evil. People who said enough is enough. People who wanted to live happy and free.

When do rules apply . . .As soon as you wake from your nightly sleep, all day long until you re-sleep.

Science rules

Science rules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where is the best place to use rules . . .Silly question really. EVERYWHERE.

Hear, is a list of rules to follow by.

  • Mind your own business.
  • Live and let live.
  • Respect your elders.
  • Clean-up after yourself.
  • Obey your parents.
  • Work for what you want.
  • No spitting.
  • No fowl language.

    Training Rules

    Training Rules (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a rule everywhere you look whether you like it or not, but that is life no matter how you choose to live it. RULES.




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