Great Depression Food Line

Great Depression Food Line (Photo credit: Kevin Burkett)

More depression . . .Take a pill!  That is what most people and some Doctors will say to you. A pill?  A tiny little pill! What is this pill? It is not a happy pill, that is for sure.

What is Lethargy?  Lethargy is a lack of energy. And when we have no ENERGY we have a feeling of depression, which we sit and think about all the bad stuff, woe is me . . .Do something . . .Go for a walk, wash your floor, brush your teeth, clean something, write down on paper what you are feeling and confront it.

More Depression. . .This is a sad and lonely  place to be. You really must try to fight for your sanity by confronting what you know to be holding you down. And you do know, nobody else knows just you.

Great Depression Bread Line

Great Depression Bread Line (Photo credit: martnpro)

It is not easy fighting your way out of yourself, you need to find strength with-in to care enough to help you. Why? Because you won’t allow anyone else to help you,  as you feel nobody can understand you .  Well how wrong is that. WRONG! And that is that.

Thousands of people are going through the same depression as you or have been through this process and found a way out. Most of the time Depression is about LETTING GO!  [Something you are not willing to do]. We choose to hold onto emptiness. And this emptiness drags in LETHARGY that which consumes more of you, only allowing minimal daily routine, like drinking, unhealthy eating, smoking, moving from chair to chair and thinking everything bad.

This is not good . . .You need to eat right, wash and clean yourself, get out of the house, take a bum job, talk to ANYONE who will listen, tell your Doctor you are at your end witt.

Doctors (2000 TV series)

Doctors (2000 TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

More Depression . . .You got out what put you back in. A friend, an old acquaintance, lost your job, lack of education?


So you played around in school or you out smarted even the teacher.  Now you don’t know what to do with yourself because you feel different from other people and something inside you is telling you things like, your different, you’re not like them, they have this and you don’t, blah  blah  blah.

I Got Major Depressive Disorder

I Got Major Depressive Disorder (Photo credit: 囧-Jean-囧)

More Depression. Stop listening to your thoughts about why you or you don’t fit in or you don’t belong or what ever is keeping you down. Everyone in this world have problems whether it is one or two or many. But they don’t let these problems stop them from living a normal life. They save some money and not drink or smoke it all, and they join a club of some sorts and meet people and talk and laugh and all sorts of fun things happen when you do something about your  DEPRESSION.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT . . .Just a tiny bit of exercise will spark an ounce of energy,  that can make you smile. MORE DEPRESSION? More exercise


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