Lately, they have been telling me up grade my browser.  But i do not now how and they don’t help or offer to do it for you . . . Why? I feel they are aware of something i know not of, they should just fix it by sending what ever it takes for me to click on it.  And it is all fixed.

They say to up grade my browser? What the crap is your browser, I don’t even browse. Well,  if i am at a flea market, most surely, i will do lots of browsing then.

Up grade your browser. Is that my mind?  I’m just saying,  as far as i know, i am a bubble-head and should know what a browser is. After all, i am,  on this computer,  typing a chat to you.  All the time too.

But this is called repetitious to me.  And believe me,  it was, and still is a hard learning thing that i do.  To learn, what i learned to turn on a computer and actually use it,  without breaking it.   

 As i told you before . . .I am the Computer Break Queen. And believe me when i tell you,  i have been blogging to you only from August 2012., less than a year . . .I have broken my computer several times in less than a year.  Go figure . . .Me telling you,  and i,  break computers.

What can a Computer Breaking Queen, be tell me,  you may say . . .I’ll tell you what i can tell you. Just because i can’t do one thing does not mean,  i can’t do another.

I am BRAIN illiterate. I have no brain cells left, that inhibit the processing, of instructions,  left.  I figure,  when a body gets hit by car three times despite,  it was run over by horse and buggy, I’d tell you that body is lucky to beable to think at all.  [It takes days and it must come natural].

Is this funny or is this sad . . .It all depends on how much money it will cost this time,  trying to change something on this computer, like a browser, they say i should up-grade my browser.



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