Teenagers and parents why do they not get along.    Not all teenagers and parents fight, thousand of teenagers and parents get along. Why? Because they listen to each other and have RESPECT for one another . . .

RESPECT?   YES, respect. Terrible thing,  but we have laws and rules to follow, each and every one of us. When a parent says jump we say how high. We may not like it but that is life. One day you may be a parent and what will you expect from your child? You will expect them to do as they are told by you, with, RESPECT.


HOW DO YOU THINK THEY WERE RAISED.  They were yelled at and beat too.  But it is against the Law now in most country’s, which i am sure it does not help you. Who cares about other  country’s or other kids, we care about ourselves and how life is for us right now. Our parents hit us for several reasons . . .They don’t know what else to do when you won’t do as you are told by them. . .But Home is the safest place to be whether you like it or not, plus you have a roof over your head and food and a place to wash and sleep and all sorts of things like getting old enough to have a job and save money to be able to leave out on your own with no worries.  But if you choose to pit against your parent/s . . .Well then, things are going to get nasty and you and they will not like this.

You can’t always get what you want it is not healthy . . .No means no, you are taught this at a very young age. It is the same at  school with your friends or teachers, when they say no it means no. When YOU, say NO,  to anyone,  what does this mean? Do wish them to keep asking or bothering you for it?   Of course not, You said no, which means the END of it.  Please.

You can’t think in your head things like, well her/his parents let them, why won’t mine. For one thing . . .that is not your parent nor is it you.

You are not supposed to fight and argue and rebel. THIS IS VERY WRONG as this is against your parent. Besides when you are 21, YES I said twenty-one. By this age you should be able to think and make good choices for yourself and others if need be. But right now you are a teenager and supposed to be doing your best to learn how to get through life by obeying your parents. Your parents were once, teenagers too.

You think life is hard being a teenager? Wait until you  are an adult and see just how hard that is . . .Now add children who will not listen to you. tell me how hard it is now compared to being a teenager. BIG DIFFERENCE now!  Will you allow your child to run the streets?

Sometimes parents and teenagers clash and sometimes they don’t . . .WHY? . . .because things are running smoothly and you are obeying, the more you do,  what you are asked or told,  by your parents,  the more kinder everyone is. It is a tough world out there and parents do not have time for their OWN children,  to rebel against them.

What do i know you may wonder? Well i was a teenager once too and now i am a single parent,  of three. Sure we had our moments, who doesn’t?  But i allowed my children to properly voice their opinions, without the swearing and yelling and calling names and all the other disrespectful mutters. We spoke until we understood each other. And YES! . . .Plenty of times they did not like the rules but they went along as they are the children and i the parent. As a parent,  i did not hit or beat my children, i myself was a beaten child until the age of 15. I talked until the cows came home if you know what i mean. They hated it at times, but i was able to get through to them that sometimes RULES are best to be followed and not shoved aside, that is when things get out of hand and someone gets hurt. This is usually the teenager. Life is not a big party and you know this . . .Just because he/she does, does not mean you can. For all you know, that teenagers parent is saying . . .

Sure go,  do what you want, just leave me alone.  WHAT?  How is this a good thing! How much care is in those words. NONE!   Most parents care,  about what happens with their teenager and the parent is plenty old enough to know the dangers that can happen and that is why we have statistics.  PARENTS KNOW THE STATISTICS on dead or raped or all bad things that can and do fall down on their children . . .And no parent wants for their child or teenager to die at the hands of evil just because the teenager or child gave them a hard time about following a rule.  The PARENT will choose to stand their ground and fight and argue with the rebelling kid, and save for that life.


Wait until you have your own.  Because life is like that.



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