Hey man know any nursery rhymes man.

far out man i was just thinking about one man.

Wow man what were you thinking man.

Man last night my old lady was telling my little brothers and sisters a nursery rhyme man and i am trying to remember it man. Something about Hickory dickery dock man tic-toc. but i started laughing and ruined it man.

Man what did you laugh at man it is just a mouse story about running up the clock man. Then the mouse runs away man, man that stuff is not funny man.

I know man but i spent the night thinking about a Hickory dick man and my old lady got mad at me man.

Man whats the matter with you man it’s a children’s nursery rhyme man not porno man there is no Hickory dick man.

Man that’ s a good thing man cause i was wondering what it taste like man.

Man you need your head examined man.

I know man cause now i want to find some Hickory man and smoke that.



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