Current branding for Lotto Max

Current branding for Lotto Max (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear GOD, this is a letter to you from me in thanks of listening to me . . .I know that you listen,  from past understandings in my choices and my questions that you answered,  whether i understood at the time or not. I know now  that you do hear me, and give me what i want.

It is i who do not know how to ask for what i want. This Letter is to say, thanks, but i should do better to learn, how to ask precisely for what i want, not leave you to guess. Which does not make any sence to me . . .Cause you all ready know what i want as you hear me doing all the thinking . . .Quite Frankly, knowing in me as you do,  sometimes i can’t help but wonder how you can get it wrong?  But then again, i know  you know,  i have all, sorts,  of stuff,  i want all the time . . .

I UNDERSTAND YOU ARE NOT TO MAKE MY MIND UP, I AM . . .So i laugh at you once again knowing it is i,  who, [ has to ASK precisely], for what i want. So the letter is to thank you for always listening, without me, not listening back.  I do at, times, see the humor in many of you responses. Again telling me,  learn,  to ask,  precisely. Odd,  how i still find it funny, what you did for me last,  Friday Night, this is Monday, i still laugh. Because you did,  you gave me exactly,  what i ask for,  nothing more.

Something like this, [can i have a cookie], so they pull out the bag and give a cookie, [but now they are unhappy], because now,  they,  want two.  So the Good Lord says . . .WHAT . . .YOU ASKED FOR ONE YOU DID NOT ASK FOR TWO . . .[Swat] TAKE YOUR ONE AND BE OFF WITH YOU> LEARN TO ask FOR WHAT YOU WANT. Want what you will, then will what you want and TAKE WHAT YOU ASKED FOR. I know you go on telling me,  other things like, { I told you this and i told you that,  it was you who choose, to take a different path}. I am GUILTY of all said things. Okay, so i will learn,  different strategies,  in knowing how to place, in proper order, words, of wanting.

And i understand what i asked for,  and Thank-you for giving it, and i know LIFE IS LIKE THAT. This is what happened. I play the money game Lotto Max, where you have to pick seven numbers to win millions of dollars, but of course God you know that. So . . .

  • I won one,  free ticket,  for the Lotto Max.
  • I went to bingo Wednesday.
  • Thursday night the free Max ticket was placed on the fridge door.
  • I seen two numbers on the ticket, two and seven.
  • Those numbers were needed at the bingo to win.
  • I prayed and asked for you to let two and seven come in, oh please.

After the Lotto Max draw was over i was surprised to see two and seven came in . . .Shocked.  Out of 21 numbers 2 & 7 were the only balls that came in.  What?  Your kidding . . .I had to laugh at the fact that i got what i asked for.   Two and Seven.

So Dear God,  i now have more, proof,  you are out there and you do listen to us.  It is us who need to learn to listen back.

Just like the poor carpenter who wanted to build a house, he cried wanting  a seventy pound bag of nails. and look . . .Low and behold a seventy pound bag of nails. But he forgot to ask for lumber.



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