Friend. I have a friend his name is Eric. But there are thousands of Eric’s you see. But one Eric belongs to me. My Friend.  WHAT IS A FRIEND.

FRIEND:   A friend is much more than a person you like or an ally.

  1. We are all people.
  2. We all like to be liked.
  3. we all like an ally, who wants to be alone.

But JUST what is a friend. A real TRUE friend. 

  • Some people have lots of people they call friends.
  • Some people have no Friends.
  • Some people think they have friends.
  • Some people don’t believe in friends.

I my,  self, don’t have friends or believe in friends . . .As the matter of fact,  i had my fill of so-called friends. In my experiences with, [friends]. These people turned out to be, not friends,  but to be indeed alleys, for their real friends. Lips flapping like barn doors in a wind storm or something there like that. Well that ain’t no friend now is it.  

We all have people like that in our lives . . .YOU KNOW, the people you feel the need to be quite,  around.    Cause the next thing you know, other people are looking at you,  looking like they just saw you do something strange.   Why?    Because one of your so-called friends said something about you, now this person recognizes you and is now dreaming up all sorts of things about you, but they won’t say hi. WHY? . . .Because they don’t know you, they just heard about you. And whether that person heard dirt about you or something else, it was told,  to them,  by one,  of your friends.

Friends.   What is a friend . . .

  • Is it    TRUST.    YES!
  • Is it    KNOWING.    YES!
  • Is it    FAITH.    YES!
  • Is it    TWO-FACED.    NO!
  • Is it    BACK-STABBING.   NO!
  • Is It    MAYBE i will see you tomorrow.   NO!

Friend will say,  see you tomorrow or in a few days and i will see what i can do. Friend.  These really, [friend], people who are indeed true friends never say MAYBE.  They tell you how IT IS.

This friend called Eric always tells me how it is. This friend never hides the fact about anything, and gives it to me straight. But this friend did say to me, [out of pure quintessence], they said, {maybe, i will see what i can do, just give me a few minutes}.  There for by using the word maybe, in the way it was used, made the word actually,  mean something,  by putting [maybe] right into action on the spot.  

  • Not saying maybe and maybe never happens.
  • Not saying maybe and they never come back.
  • Not saying maybe when they really don’t want to.

It is hard to have and or find a real true friend, but i did and i have and it is good.  All though this friend has their own life and lives on the different side of things,  they continue to be my friend,  and i and they have faith in one another,  along with the trust and the knowing that we can confided in each other,  with nobody,  to be the better. FRIEND.

When friends get together it is a blast . . .Everyone has a great time and no worries to be had. When friends get together fun all around, laughter and jokes, combined with,  safety knowing securities and trust hold faith in each other. Friends are good to have if you have the right ones.  


Is there such a thing . . .YES!  Of course . . .take a good look at your friends should you have any, can you trust your life to that person called friend.   I can,  as they know,  i would do for them.

God is a friend and i trust in him,  but this is about Eric my eye seeing friend. I can’t see God.


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