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English: Jewish Children with their Teacher in Samarkand. Early color photograph from Russia, created by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii as part of his work to document the Russian Empire from 1909 to 1915. Français : Enfants juifs avec leur professeur à Samarcande. Une des premières photos en couleur de Russie. Prise par Sergueï Prokoudine-Gorski, c’est une partie de son travail d’un document sur l’empire Russe de 1909 à 1915. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh no . . .You did your test, your best . . .And you got a zero.

My Teacher gave me a zero . . .What did you give your teacher?

Half the answers were wrong and the other half were not done.

So your Teacher gave you a zero. Did you think you could get away with better?  What makes you think your Teacher wants to give zeros?

What Teacher wants to hand out zeros . . .NONE!

EVERY TEACHER would prefer that what they are teaching you is learned by you and they did a great job TEACHING YOU.

That is why they are called Teacher and you are called STUDENT.

They teach, you learn, things are good.

How do you think the teacher feels? Useless? Why not? They can’t teach you. What good are they.

Is there a fault? . . .YES!  You both are the fault. 

How are you both the fault? . . .Let me tell you:

  1. As a student, your duty in life, is to do your very best to learn.
  2. As a teacher, your duty in life is to be able to each anyone.
  3. We have pencils with erasers to fix mistakes.
  4. We have hands that can be raised to ask questions.
  5. You are both suppose to care.

If you go to school to play around and have so much fun with your friends or go to school just to see who you can bully today, then what do you cry over getting a ZERO for . . .

My teacher gave me a zero. You probably earned it or the teacher is a joke and can not teach. In which case you need a new teacher, one you will learn from.

How hard is it to sit and listen and repeat back . . .That is all that is required of you the student.    You are not in school to play around.   

BUT IF YOU ARE TEACHING YOURSELF . . .While the teacher sits and does what ever they are doing, well then. This is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME. The teacher should be fired so they can get a job sitting and doing what ever they are doing instead of being your teacher.

My teacher gave me a zero. Did you earn it?

English: Primary School in "open air"...

English: Primary School in “open air”, in Bucharest, around 1842. Wood engraving, 11x22cm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)