Don’t spill it can be used with many different meanings. The meaning i choose to use it in is going to mean what ever you want it to mean, know what i mean . . .

Don’t spill it because you are going to get wet, should you get wet you ar going to get up-set, and when you are up-set you start to scream and yell. And when you scream and yell you get into trouble and when you get into trouble i get mad. And i get mad because you spilt it then choose to scream and yell and do a freak-out because you got wet.

Don’t spill it . . .So many things get spoiled when people or someone spills it, because they don’t care to think first. They just start blabbing at the mouth and get lots of people hurt.  Just had to spill the beans ratting like nothing to it.  But there is plenty to it . . .Because now EVERYONE knows it is you with your flapping lips like barn doors, blowing in a wind storm. When all along knowing as you spill it,  you are causing bad reactions and you haven’t got a care, you just spill your guts all over the place spewing out crap.

Don’t spill it and enjoy.


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