2nd squad eating home cooked meal compliments ...

2nd squad eating home cooked meal compliments of the Iraqi Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. From left: LCpl Schreiber, LCpl Rizvi, Cpl McCauley, LCpl Shay, Iraqi soldier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My dad and me . . .He died a long time ago when i was young, but he came to me in a dream. Though i knew it was indeed him, sitting at the end of the table, i would not look in that direction.  What for i thought, he was talking to another man sitting across the table on the other side. . . All i saw their light blue pants and a white shirt, which was neatly tucked in, on the other man,  as he got up from the table to reach for something . . .I could not tell you what he wanted, was as i was busy eating, talking to a child, making sure it was eating, then doing dishes. I LOVE FOOD. I LOVE EATING. I LOVE CLEAN.

Besides,  the table was cluttered with food, piled so high i did not care to try to see,  only become aware of, and well aware of it. Well, with my periphery-vision, i could tell the arms were that of my father and it was good enough for me . . .As for the child, something told me,  i knew it.  Plus the fact that it was my dad, i knew very well not,  to interrupt,  when he is talking or anyone else as far as that goes. [Until my name is spoken,  i pay no never mind].  So i ate and did dishes, knowing, that, what my dad was taking about was important and it was about me, to this other person.  Something woke me up. I think i know what . . .I was finished washing a large dish,  and had to turn from the sink . . .THAT means i would have to be facing the two men and i am not prepared to face any man. ODD . . .But i understand right now, i think.

I woke up full and happy and wondered about me and my dad.   What did he say to who,  and what did he say at all.

The rest of the day was spent wishing i would have paid more attention when my dad spoke.  For some reason,  i felt lucky and quite assertive with things and the whole day was great.  Me and my dad were fun when i was young we played harmless pranks on each other.

I Loved my time with my dad when he was a live, And i remember all the fun and spanking things, but that was a long time ago.

Me and my dad.


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