Leave a message . . .I hate this.  I seem to have problem talking to a machine. I still can not get over the fact that i am indeed talking to something that can not talk back or think, might as well be talking to the wall. 

And just what do say to the wall . . .Do you gaze into one spot and chat away? What do you say . . .

I happen to be one of these people who think faster than we talk. Thousands of us out there. You, for all i know, you  think faster than you talk.  Where as some people do not think at all . . .How is that possible?  EASY . . .We all are capable of doing this nonthinkingchatter at times. That is where THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK, arrived.

Other people think after the fact . . .That is when they are saying things like, {why did i do that, i should have, maybe}. To late people, you thought way to fast and didn’t think about that was really happening and it’s consequences. You fast thinker you. Me too.   I get myself into situations by just rambling off at the mouth and not seeing the bigger picture. Then we end up saying things like,{who ate my cereal, how come i have to, or i don’t remember saying that}.  But we caused all this to ourselves by not taking time to actually hear what was said and hear what we thought over one or two KEY WORDS we heard in the conversation. Didn’t we . . .Then we think or say things like . . .Man i thought we were going to the fair. NO . . .I said, IF you were listening . . .The weather looks like it is going to be fair today, so i am going to cut the grass down by the pond.  {Then we say something like this}. Oh,  i thought you said we were going to the fair today, so i got ready and waited for you, wondering where were you.

Think faster than you talk and pick out key words when you are standing in front of a Judge, lets see how that works out for you.

We won’t even mention the people who add their own words. [And we are leaving it at that].  Different caliber all together them people.

When leaving a message on a phone or standing there listening to its message, telling you to leave a message . . .Well i think right there is when i quit thinking, and just garble um, then i chuckle something as i am thinking faster, all these thoughts, that i am now chatting to a machine and now i have to say something different from what i had planned to say, and now i have to make it short . . .So then i say [yeah, um] . . .Now i am taking {recorded time message, space,  up}, then do my best to spit it out in seconds, as i am sure i just took up 15 to 20 seconds of their time,  listening to practically nothing. [Sounds a little prankish to me]. None the less . . .

But don’t get me wrong . . .There happens to be people, who can talk without thinking because they just know.

Lots of times thinking faster than you talk can be very bad for your health in several ways. 


I am sure there are plenty more reasons, why, thinking faster than you talk is not a good thing at times.

Thinking faster than you talk,  stumbling bumbling over your words, busy Bee mutter stutter, spit it out with flows not flutters. bysanyavero.

Thinking faster than you talk.

 bird is a word.



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