Why do i have to,  is about trying to understand why it seems like everyone is tell you what to do.  Because they are. Now do your best to understand in yourself that you, [know this ], so you need to work on using the info you feel you know in your head. You have to start putting those prime number one factors, down on paper so you can feel all the bumbling on that topic, leave your mind. WHY do i have to.


  •  #1. Put it on paper 
  •  #2. Empty your thoughts completely.
  •  #3. Re-read your paper.

This process may take you anywhere from one hour to four, depending on how much time you give yourself to help your self. BUT IT IS 100% workable if done right to the dotted [i].

WHY DO I HAVE TO . . .I feel like i am doing your homework for you and or a Teacher, teaching you. Time thoughts heal all,  if all inner thoughts are brought out and you conform them as you understand them and you feel it is over and done with. YOU feel lighter.  By doing this you are allowing room for HEALTHY THOUGHTS, like wow i feel good i’m going to go for a walk or hey i feel like learning how to scrub the inside of a snail’s shell, i want to take lessons.   You might even want to say . . .Wow i can think again. Then you say, why do i have to, oh yeah i know why . . .it helps me have room in my brain to think.  Why,  i do it,  for the room.

Feeling like an expert now, you can rule number one and so on for another problem-put it on paper . . .BE THE PAPER   FILL IT FULL

Re read your paper on your second problem as you piece together the bother-some agonying thoughts on this topic.  Like a big shot now you are taking care of number two pain in the brain. BE THE BRAIN. take care of number three should there be a third problem.  As you clean yourself out along the way you will feel the need to fill in that empty space floating freely amongst a void-ness, of void space,  calling at you to do something with this space . . .And for the Love of all that is good go learn something that can earn you a living, as you still are cleaning yourself up and on the way you are learning who you are and what you can,  and living .

Enough of doing your homework

Why do i have to.




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