Well we all know the time arrives and we have to go to a dentist for a cleaning, extraction, filling, or root-canal, to save your teeth. Too bad our teeth can kill us with poison to the blood stream. So we are our own VAMPIRE sort of speak, as it is up to ourselves to take care of our teeth. THOUSANDS of us, do not take care of their teeth? Why? YOUR teeth are one of the first things people see. And we all know there is some pretty rotten teeth out there,  that we have to endure while trying to have a conversation,  with the bearer, of these rotting teeth looking,  back at us. GROSS . . .People should know it is important to your health to clean your teeth, after you eat and not let the food sit and rot. {If you don’t let food sit and rot on your kitchen table, or counter-top, or where ever you have food, why let it rot in your mouth in your teeth}. YUCK-you kiss people with that mouth.

Ended up someone in THEDOGHOUSE did not take care of their teeth too and now has to see a dentist for a cleaning and a filling so they thought. Turned out to be one cleaning and the next day one filling, and return to have one more filling and one of their teeth fixed. So there . . .That is when the word petrified comes into play.  Plenty of people are in a state of terror when they have to go to the DENTIST . . .People actually hate dentists, why? We should be thank-full they are out there waiting with their chairs and drills, and other needle sharp things.

How can a Person grow up to be a DENTIST and play around in dirty mouths all day. CRAZY but someone has to do it . . .Might as well be them, those people,  where nothing to much makes them sick, where as thousands of other people would puke all over you. Thank-you for being any one who work with or on people’s teeth.

THEDOGHOUSE went for the cleaning and had to return the next morning for the filling. BOO . . .NEEDLES happen to be one of those petrified feelings. Sure everyone else found it funny as to how scared people get from the word DENTIST. THEN CLEAN YOUR TEETH and you need nothing to be afraid of.

A couple of questions were asked about the first visit.

  1. IS HE YOUNG . . .NO
  3. IS HE MARRIED . . .?

He is not even the same color. WHO CARES . . .He is a DENTIST

So we thought at THEDOGHOUSE and said, [ to occupy the BRAIN after the freezing set in and the drills come out ]. It would be fun to ease the thought of what was happening by,  to ask the dentist if he was married and ask for his hand in marriage if he is not. 


He can not understand a thing you say with his hands and tools in your mouth, so you can say anything you want really . . .But after the visit and the filling was over we asked if the questions came out or if they chickened out. The answer was not what we were expecting. But it was an answer indeed. NEVER TALK TO YOUR DENTIST when he is drilling into your teeth . . .As soon as you move your tongue from the back of your throat you gag and choke on the crap lying at the base of your tongue, like drilled bits of teeth mixed with bloody water, that is not funny. The whole operation was put on hold so THEDOGHOUSE could not choke to death and die. Questions did not get asked and we learned,  should you want to,  TALK TO YOUR DENTIST,  do it,  when he talks to you, cause when is not talking he knows perfectly well you are unable to answer.


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