Wow . . .All that. To blab and talk of all that . . .What good will it do, it is just like adding more salt thinking no salt was used, then spoiled things.

THEDOGHOUSE has been asked to tweet about the ECONOMY, POLITICS, and several other useless topics, without even thinking thedoghouse is not about worldly problems, as we the people have to many other problems of our own . . .

There are plenty of people, i mean,  CARPETBAGGERS,  out there , and there IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD THAT THEDOGHOUSE CAN SAY OR WILL SAY, THAT CAN CHANGE THINGS. So,  we HEAR at THEDOGHOUSE,  redeem such tweeting as blubber. Go save a whale, we tried, they said they had enough people to do it but they would be happy to take any money  had to put towards the cause.

Chitter chatter what does it matter we the people have no say this causes problems in our living day, so we live by the rules wishing it was us,  collecting,  tax paying people’s money and getting fat off the land put here by God our Mother Earth, listening to all their scheming ideas,  to squeeze on this evil root,  called  money,dropping poison in the water, while we drown.

To put a stop to something you did not have a start in is to cause a ripple, things get shaken, somethings fall down and go boom. We the people do what we are told or don’t pass go and collect 200$.

How the country is run, this place we have to live in, is concern enough without delving into hell about it and not living.

Life is like that . . .We have choices on a daily average of 20-out-of-20 per day. Millions of people choose not to fight the running carpet-baggers, guiding this world into the future of the unknown technical diversities that can  and do rune us, because they know if they persist in trying to stop the big-heads they end up in non-existence or something there like that. THEDOGHOUSE has this particular feeling about pepper-spray, tazers and beatings to the head with bats.

THEDOGHOUSE is quite happy giving you insights of life and help ease your pain, giving you thoughts and laughter, a little break during the day. If everybody is doing the same thing then what good is other anything.

TWEET the Economy and politics you say?

MONEY is GREED and it RULES the world and the people with the money have the say . . .Economy is something that is with change, ask the cave dwellers what happen to their economy, then  compare it to ours.

Politics? To run a country you need money. More money than it would take to run a Birthday Party. Compare what it takes to run the Birthday party to a country. What do each involve. How much quantity will it take to support everyone there. Now protect your party and protect your country, do they compare? NO . . .You can’t afford your army. You can but it is small, you have one bouncer,  they have a million bouncers. Ouch.

POLITICS- government whole different party. JUST think of all the trouble, thedoghouse would be in if it started barking it’s mouth off pissing on the carpets.  NO THANK-YOU. there is a tree out back and it sure is pretty.




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