To confirm: Major support. Not to be mixed up with CONFORM, [not just yet].  Confirmities are at hand this moment that need to be dealt with.  CONCLUSIONS

  • Understanding why the flab, and how to start helping in that area.
  • Realizing this process took place before and a smashing job was done of it.
  • The help came from a man of a different caliber into the ways of living. He liked men.
  • Now,  to go through all those steps,  doing the best to remember them all, he taught, on how,  to think thin, on a daily basis, in very fine cloths.
  • Tighter cloths not baggy.

All this above stuff,  in my mind’s eye,  tells me, those thoughts,  are the confirmities that enables,  the knowing, how,  to start the think and dress thin process,taking care of that area . . .Everyone say it, think thin. Hold your belly in and have strong support where you need it. Plus . . .A proper fitting elastic thing to help support that nasty belly, holding,  it in for you,  until your stomach muscles can.

So in the end all this will be conformed, acting accordingly throughout the steps, doing your best.


The conflict is different of the interest . . .They are two different things, with two different meanings.

  • Conflict
  • Interest

What do they mean and why do these two words go together.


Life is like that . . .Equal. Not enough equality in THEDOGHOUSE, some people who enter think it is all about themselves. We should do a lot better to Understand how conflict and interest work.  Because sometimes it is in the best interest that you know what exactly is happening at any given time. If you don’t,  a conflict,  will happen and you now,  may or may not be sinking, in trouble, flat on your face or something there like that. WHY? Life is like that.

More confirmities for you now . . .We can all confirm the fact we understand most of the differences,  between,  CONFLICT OF INTEREST and what it really means.  [Good or bad] BAD IN A COURT OF LAW IF, your lawyer has a conflict of interest with you. In that,  dust yourself off,  and run! . . .To a lawyer who is honest. Oh wait a minute . . .THEDOGHOUSE is unsure about the honest lawyer thing,  as it is unsure if there is indeed any?

So to conform all these new learnings of knowing confirmities  and conflict of interest, we now need,  confirmation with-in ourselves by taking step by step actions,  in,  knowing, what we know, and start the process,  even if it,  came from the opposite,  [gender liking the same gender].

categorize your thoughts, understand in your interests,  if conflicts arise, check over your confirmities and conform all your conformations together, staring today, confused or conflictual, confute if you will. Have good day . . .THEDOGHOUSE will.

Now go think about some of the things you want to fix with-in you by finding all the confirmities you know on the subject.

Sleep well all you dear readers.







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