What is it like then, everything your way? No Flaws no mistakes, everything just the way you like it. When everything is perfect.

Then the door-bell rings,  giving off an annoying disturbance, that keeps on ringing and the person won’t go away. Determined you will answer.

When everything is perfect it is for moments where you found peace with-in yourself. Nothing lasts forever. But it will carry on for a very  long time, until it is taken out.        Even your perfect everything, when ever that is.    What is perfect to most of us? What is perfect but something without flaw. Not even brand new babies are un-flawed.

When everything is perfect you are in your own little world, hoping everyone else is seeing it as all perfect.

When every thing is perfect . . .What is perfect to you may not be perfect to him/her. She/he as a different perfect, you see. Does it include we?


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