What the shit is that . . .Why should anything in thedoghouse or any house, be categorized . . .I guess one would say it keeps the topics of subjects in line. . . .You now. Sometimes people just blab and blab ob and never interject hat the subject just changed, so just keep up whilst categorising each topic. That way you don’t LOOK LIKE A DUMMY IN THERE EYES.  Or why even bother talking to you.

Are there ever breaks in your day . . .Each one of these are categorized under a different heading. Went to the bank, got back talked to who-ever for ten minutes, On the way home, and so on. These statements can and should be under each their own category. 

  • WORK
  • HOME
  •  STORE
  • GAME
  1. All these things are a need to know substance, in a conversation. Only in each category of questions.  EXAMPLE: Why tell him/her about the bank when they asked you how was work!
  2. Why tell them about the game when you were to be home!

And so on . . .

If you learn how to categorize your outings per day you will not have to always be explaining yourself to your better half and or parents or anyone. Think about the question and only answer that question. Then we have a great day in thedoghouse categorical speaking.



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