Home from vacation . . .Yes i went away. Two weeks in someone else’s home. I could not believe how my body felt. My very own painfull every day flabby body and screaming knees and feet abandonment me.  I FELT GREAT AND WITHOUT PAIN of these sorts. But my arms and back area, a spot between my spine and right wing, did indeed keep it’s nagging pain.  But this,  was even to a minamal. Surprising how a trip can be on one’s body. we should all take trips.

It’s like you are shaking the dust out or something there like that.  Like it gives you an individuality or something like a new change where it is not the same daily routine, whether it be working busy or doing nothing, sitting around all day. There fore it is to get away. But then you always have to come back . . .Home from vacation. Boo for the back to the pain, but nice to see our children. But if all we come back to is hum-drum . . .Then something is lacking in our lives.  LOVE.

Where oh where has my true Love gone, oh where oh where can they be? With a hello my dear to a come lie right here, oh where oh where can it be.

My body lies over the ocean, my body lies over the sea. I fear no room lies for my Lover to lie down with me.

Oh bring back oh bring my size 28 waist to me to me.  But wait . . .What will become of all that loose skin .

My body lies over the ocean, oh where oh where can he be, My blubber is painful and frightful too much for my Lover to see.

Any time boys and girls THRDOGHOUSE IS BACK.


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