Hey man how was the train ride.

Wow man it was like diarrhea man.

How is that man.

I didn’t think it was ever going to stop man and the conductor kept asking me for my ticket but i think i smoked it man i ran out of paper.

Awe no way man.

Yeah man they told me i had to get off at the next stop man and buy a ticket. But i forget man and bought papers.

What kind of papers man.

The rolling kind man.

Choke   choke   choke choke choke choke.

Are you okay man.

I don’t know man i think i just swallowed the joint man.

Awe no way . . .D’you have some more man.  I’ve been waiting to get stoned man for the last three days. my mom is pissed at me man.

Choke, why man.

I don’t know man,  she asked me bring her the towel on the towel-rack so i tore it off the wall man.

What the towel man.

 No the towel-rack man, just like she asked man, why do women always have to be like that man.

What, like,  changing their minds man.

Yeah man like all the time man . . .She made me put it back on the wall man, so i put extra screws man so the next time she wants it, man she will have a hard time getting it off  the wall.  I put lots of glue man.

Wow man all that? it’s just a towel-rack man.

I know man it gave me an excuse to sniff the glue man.

Awe wow man your pretty clever . . .

I know man.


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