Need and it’s cause you say?

What ever can that mean?               I THETALER CAN TELL YOU

There are plenty of people who need to have and do things in order for them to have a cause.  Get it?

These people need  stability in their lives, whether it be,  retrieving their morning NEWS PAPER,  sitting at the end of their driveway or having a mate.   Sure there plenty of people, thousands of them that don’t need anything at all . . .These people are the cause always causing a cause.  One might say thank God for these people, they give us  less fortunate, people, something to do giving us a cause. [So we wash our face and do our best to look good and be active].  Other wise,  we sit around doing nothing  at all,  just, wasting away.

But is that really how us people with this lacking of a cause, really, how,  we want to live?   NO!  We are different, we are a non-causing people.  We are these tend too’s.

  1. We take care of things after the cause and do our best to mend things, aren’t we . . .
  2. It is us who need the stable-ness around us at all times.
  3. We are the needy people of the people who  have causes. Cause if he/she were here,  i would feel the need to do things and care for myself, {cause i know he/she,  likes it}.

We the people of the needing causes, have a hard time finding causes,  when there are none for us.  Cause of what!   There is no one around is there.  Don’t worry though,  we may wash,  if,  we have to leave the house. Not very often though, we have no need to leave cause there is no place for us to go now, is there.

So need and it’s cause ay . . .This is another way to say DEPRESSION is it not.  Why yes it is.  A state of mind and stuck in mode where you only think about yourself and sometimes the space around you. Nothing else matters until it becomes a dilemma then look out. All hell just broke loose. Now you don’t know what to do and you run around in your head trying to decipher things when all along, all you had to do,  was, [TRUST IN YOURSELF ], in the first place.

WHY DOES TRUSTING IN YOURSELF ALWAYS HAVE TO BE FIRST . . .Why can’t it be second!  Fourth even. I can’t trust in myself i always get into trouble or say something stupid or pull something right radical out of the air and things go haywire. I thought it was funny at the time, although no one else found it to be quite as funny.  But yeah . . .What can i say . . .It was a mistake that should not have happened apparently.  Trust myself.  Let me think about that one for a long time.  BE THE TRUST         BE IT FIRST


Need and it’s cause-Depression. We are depressed cause, [that is something], we have to find out inside, let it out, to UNDERSTAND why and how we are the way we are.   SEE HOW YOU ARE?  WHY!

I can not tell you or me how to be one of the causes and can only tell me and you that we must try to figure it out and REALLY DO something about it, cause it is very lonely being a needy.

  • I gave you readers this cause i felt the need.
  • Help yourself’s just cause.
  • Trust in your self and then.


 You doghouse people you.  Hut my ass,  right in the back yard.


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