What is this day . . .Hear we have it Saturday, April 29th, 2012. That should sum things up.

My contract will end in late July or early August.  No more of THEDOGHOUSE will be presented.

Though i will miss you all i hope you, well some o you, will miss me.  This all has been fun for me and i believe lots of you. When i first started to blog it was my intentions to do my best to build a paying website. OKAY YES JUST to see how smart i was. Big deal . . .So i don’t know who to use a brand new coffee maker.   I knew other things. About life.  And i worked at a school cooking and serving children for eight years or so, not to mention, i was raised with six other kids,[which of course does not make me an expert], but i sure do know what i am talking about.  So i figured if i was smart enough i could make a living on what i know by feeding it to you. Well i was not as smart as i thought,  ending up,  buying two Blogs after the fact of total failure.

  • I spent hours and days
  •  Building and typing and fixing and madness as to just, what,  to feed you people and younger ones.
  • What would catch your interest?
  • What do people look up on the net?
  • Why do people go on the net.

Well we know why . . .Nothing else to do with each other. We forgot who to interact with each of us. Net friendlier or something there like that. No fighting and aurging, just you reading and looking at things you like or want or whatever. You and your mind’s eye, what do these people like. 

  • Do you like me?
  • Do you like my stories?
  • Do i challenge your thinking?
  • Do i give you understanding?

Up until now, with my two misboughten blogs,  i  THETALER am grateful for your time,  you put in my written rites to you. I can call you a good audience, yippee for you.

So until further a due I IN THEDOGHOUSE THETALER say so long to you.  May in another time and another name i will come back to you.  Until then my pleasure is yours.





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