I don’t quite understand this word, {manners}, and how people can just come in and take their shoes off,  and think it is fine, or, in,  good standers, of in making themselves,  feel at home.    When indeed and in  fact,  i happen to mind,  a great deal,  that you take your shoes off.  In my eyes,  this, is a wrong thing to do in my home . . .I do not know about anyone elses home, only mine.   DON”T GET ME WRONG THOUGH . . .YOU ARE ALL QUITE WELCOME, JUST WITH YOUR SHOES ON.

I have trouble with people with shoes off.  This buggers my whole way of thinking,  off.  COMPLETELY.  I am also quite sure plenty of you will not understand this emotion coming from me, but it is a childhood thingy that i,  have no control over,  the situation, as i had none,  way back then. 

So i am unable to cope or understand a person who takes their shoes off in my house without permission or asking.   End of story.

But lately i have noticed a  lot of this behavior going on in my home. Thus making it your problem too,  now. WHY?  Why your problem too, you,  may or may not ask . . .I will tell you why . . .Simple really,  you people,  have no idea,  what so ever,  that this shoe off thing,  is a problem,  for me in the first place, or anyone else, as  far as that goes.  But that is par for the course now.   NOW, YOU ALL KNOW.

MANNERS . . .It is proper manners when entered into anyones home to ask if they want your shoes on or off.  YES. 

IS IT VERY BAD MANNERS if you do not ak, yes.

Right there you gain total respect.  Just by asking.


  • Practice visiting anyone
  • when they welcome you in
  • step in and say . . .Want me to wipe my feet and come in or do you want my shoes off.  
  • Or just say something as you motion to your feet like.

Easy,  shoes on or off.

Then not only is the home owner grateful you asked, they are pleased right away,  and you are off to a good start.

So,  what i am getting at,  is,  the next time, you come into my home, world , space, place,  please, [ LEAVE ON YOUR SHOES ].


  • I will not be held, responsable,  for any damage done to your feet,  when at any time,  they are without shoes or being un-covered.
  • I will not be held, responsible,  for lost or eaten, chew-up or ate apart footwear.

This is THEDOGHOUSE and it is free and giving and not to be used as stomping grounds, a billboard, a cheep hide-out for sexual quirks, or any other site rather than THEDOGHOUSE.


FREE OF CHARGE and lets keep it that way . . .By saynavero

I mean what else can i say, what don’t you understand. If you have something to say, say it, just keep your shoes on, i mean how hard can it be anyway. I know, some people are bubble-heads, but that is just life, some people are quick and pick up on many things but they can’t cook or run fast, or paint a picture or lots of things . . .But they can read in-between the lines, what can i say, how else can i tell you, if you know what i mean.  You got something to say in here . . Keep it clean, now you got to know what i mean right there,  you have to know i am saying, leave your stuff,  at your own homepage when you visit here.  There,  how else do you want me to spell it out for you. Leave a comment telling me i am completely nuts or a drifter or a pig-headded banana brain, but don’t,  leave links,  to porn sites and crap,  on my page and run your,  bill-boards.


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