Long term health care . . .You want to know if it is a safe place,  to place your parents,  when they,  no longer,  can take care of themselves.

Well i just happen to know someone who worked at one of these facilities and due to un pleasantries they had to quit this place of employment.

Odd thing was,  not only did they work there for a very short period of time, [three months], the pay was great. They just could not watch any more acts of cruelty or listen to the crying and pleads,  of the patients. Odd thing was they said it was the cause of a few things . . .

  1. Cut backs with workers
  2. And laziness
  3. Mean nurses

What?  i asked for explanations . . .HEAR, is what this person told me.

Not only are there to many,  patients,  for the small amount of nurses or care takers. There is not enough HELP for the elder.  They told me for the old men and women who could not walk on their own . . .To bad for them. They have to lie in their beds and call for help to go to the washroom and no one aids them, they dirty in their beds. Then to teach them a lesson they are forced to lie in it or hours.

For the older people who can not talk,  well then,  they get taken care of when they get taken care of.  They have no say. You have no idea how long these people lie on bed pans.

And the elderly who can not move their arms don’t get to eat unless a family member comes to visit.  Or if a worker must do the feeding, the feeding is done in a cruel fashion, where the patient is not given time to chew and more food is SHOVED into their mouths and dripping all over them, while being yelled at for being so much trouble.

Sure the kitchen brings them the food on a tray and it sits there un-touched then taken away. You have no idea what goes on in these so-called care facilities. If you are not able to take care of yourself you are not taken care of.  But you pay dearly with all your hard-earned cash. 

We all know what happens behind closed doors. We all believe things like this can not or will not happen to us.  But believe me when i tell you, it does not matter who you are or what you used to do . . .When you are old and decrepit you are like all the other old and decrepit. As long as you pay to live in places outside your family unit you will receive the same equal treatment as all the others. YOU BECOME A BOTHER and get treated like an animal.

  • They get washed or they don’t get washed. 
  • They get fed or they don’t get fed.
  • They get to walk around or they do not get to walk around.

Let me reassure you . . .This person also told me,  that there are, wonderful care workers and nurses, but not many.  A lot of them are forced to turn their heads or lose their jobs.   BUT WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT?   MORALS or MONEY

Sad to say money.   WE need to pay our bills.

But what i can tell you is this person Quit after three months of this and the final straw was the hitting of these older people. This was to much to witness from Health Care Workers and Nurses. This person said to me.

  • Do you know what bed sores are?
  • Do you know how they happen?

Then they said to me,  they will never say any of this came from them.  They said if i mention their name they would deny it all.

They have no reason to fear i would expose them.  I am thetaler,  nothing more.


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