Frig,  i hate it,  when i break a nail.

Me too.

Now none of them are any good.

He put his hammer down.  What are you saying, just because you broke one nail does not mean the rest are no good.

Of course it does, plus  it becomes dangerous and so do the others.

He stopped hammering again. maybe you should stick to sewing and let me do this.

Well i can’t sew with a broke nail now, it will catch on the material and tear the fine threads.

He chuckles shaking his head . . .Sometimes i honestly haven’t got a clue,  what you women go on about. 

Too bad you are a guy then, because i do . . .And i know,  you,  think we are talking about the same nails, and we are not . . .I am not talking about the nails we are using.  I am talking about my nails.

He gives an out loud laugh . . .Yours, mine . . .They all came from the same bag. {She gets up to leave}. Where are you going now?

To cut the rest of my nails the same size.

He got all excited and jumps up. Well no,  don’t go doing that!

She turn shaking her head, [this time she did not think], and held up her one finger.  [Yes that finger ].

Now he is not happy and she is not caring she wants to fix her nails.

You don’t have to be like that you know. 

Now she realizes what she did and what is still happening . . .She stopped and grinned to him . . .listen to me. She put both her hands out in front of her, showing him with her fingers all spread wide apart and said. Look, i broke a nail and if i do not cut all the others down to the same size,  i am going to go crazy. So simmer down there, they are just nails. It’s no big deal.

Well it is to me,  he says, getting up,  and going over to her . . . You don’t have to go getting all crazy,  over a stupid broken nail.

She stood frowning at him for seconds then laughed out loud.

What is so f—ing funny . . .I pay for those nails.

Now she does not care any more that he still can understand her. She is angry and as quick as a flash, JUST like that . . .Made her mind up not to tell him anything.

You know what?

I don’t give a f— about what.

Never mind . . .I’m out of here.

Before we go any further, you all know just where this was going.  And look how foolish it all turned out to be. WHY? . . .Lack of proper communication. Nothing more.  Oh wait a minute . . .Things do not get out of hand like this if you were taught the moral values of  listening and understanding,  instead of guessing.  consideration of each other. Understanding you, are no better than anyone and no-one, is better than you.  We all make mistakes by thinking we know everything,  and not taking into consideration,  all the differences around you.


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