Brothels . . .Do they hurt or do they help.   LETS JUST SEE

First we have people who will allow us any sexual fantasy, desired, for a handsome price. [This could be your rent money], who knows.

Second we have marryed couples with children called families. [It is hard enough to hold a family together as it is], is it not.

Thirdly at these Brothels do they have signs posted, FOR SINGLES ONLY, [probably not].

This is what i get out of it . . .Sure this type of business will bring in LOTS OF MONEY to the community.  WHY? and How?  You ask?

I will tell you. Not only will the big wigs get their cut of the profits, you will be paying to be at this BROTHEL,  you will spend money on all sorts of things,  flourishing the whole city/town with your hard-earned dollars.  Lets see . . .Lawyers will get the most as people divorced over brothels and such. Families break up. Children suffer. Your forced to go to doctors, take lie detector tests, see councilors, buy flowers and gifts and everything gets crazy. All because a BROTHEL came to town. 

How can this be a good thing.  Okay so go get your rocks off.  WOW . . .Is losing everything you worked for worth one nights fling?

Brothels do they hurt or help . . .BOTH!  there is your answer, both. They hurt most is all.  What ever you feel is most important to you and your family . . .YOU having sex pleasures or your family.


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